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7 Day Challenge - Who's Ready?

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Raspal, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. Recently, I joined the Seachange program at zenhabits (7 days' free trial).

    I found that there are very less no. of members (out of 15,000+ members) who are active, and most posts date back to last year. The ones from this year are very few.

    Even my intro post, and other 4 posts got no response in the last 3 days.

    I tried messaging a few active members, but no response, again.

    So, I'm posting here instead. Is anyone ready for a small, 7 day-challenge?

    It can be daily writing for 7 days, or it can be any other habit.

    No fix no. of words, but more important is doing it daily.

    After 7 days, we'll see what to do next, but at this time, 7 days should be fine.

    Any suggestions welcome.
  2. That's the problem with a lot of expensive programs and private forums. They're run by people who don't enjoy actively participating in forums every day. This results in customers having to drive the community forward and eventually it dies off as a result of it.

    With regards to your challenge, I'm not sure what I can do.

    I normally work seven days in some shape or another. Today, Monday, is the day I do the most hours. On other days I work my schedule around training and seeing friends and my girlfriend. Sunday is normally my quietest day, but I still normally do a couple of hours of work.

    Abstinence may be a better challenge for me i.e. no chocolate for a week or something like that. Though I'm not sure I want to do that haha.
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  3. Yeah, I'd be tempted to do a 7 day challenge, but not a "do something every day for 7 days". I'd be more inclined to do a "you have 7 days to do this". I cannot commit to doing something daily.
  4. Hey, there!
    I am not up for a challenge at the moment because I have a world of stuff going on in my life at the moment. But I wanted to mention that the Seachange program is not expensive. It's 9.99 a month, and you can cancel at any time. I was member for a bit in the past, and during that time it was pretty busy. I did also notice that Leo was pretty active in there, too.

    I do like that it's private, and there isn't a lot of spam.
  5. I too thought it was $9.99. They've increased the price to $19.99, now.

    Yes, I saw that the forums were busy in 2013/2014.

    Even the free content at zenhabits is great, the e-books' content is great. But, almost dead forums - not cool.

    Leo does create 2 new posts, daily - in a keeping fit 30 day challenge sub-forum. I saw this the last few days.

    But, no reply to any of my posts, and no reply from their support to my e-mail. I'm now near the end of the one week trial.

    The only reason I would have continued is due to active forums, and the only reason I'll quit is due to the opposite.
  6. You can keep abstinence challenges for the old age, that is when you grow old. :D
  7. That's too bad that the forums are so dead now, and that they've doubled the price. I wonder if that's why they're dead.

    And that's really horrible that no one replied when you emailed support.

    I agree, I love Leo's free content, but that's very not cool that his Sea Change program has so many apparent problems now.
  8. I finally got a reply, but a week later - it was a problem with my profile and password and they reset it and the reply was only 2-3 words.

    Another thing - they never sent me any email about my registration, nor about my trial getting over. And they charged my card.

    Have asked them for a refund, as I don't want to continue.

    Do you have his e-books? How long were you active in forums or as member?
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  9. I wasn't very active in the forum, and I don't even remember how long. Not long, maybe 3 months. I haven't read the books really. I bought his print book, but honestly I'm not overjoyed with it. I love his blog posts, though. And his livestream seminars that I've happened to catch a couple of.
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