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7-Day Goal Challenge Blitz

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by JoyR3DetoxCoach, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. Who would be interested in doing a 7-day Goal Challenge Blitz for accountability & motivation? I was thinking each Monday we can post 1-3 things we want to do that week to strengthen our business and/or reach & then post on the high/low of that goal the following Monday, along with the new goal for the new week.
  2. Sounds good. I'm up for that. It would be a good way for us to evaluate what we plan on doing each week and what we actually achieve.
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  3. I think it's a good idea, Joy! (And welcome, by the way!)

    I have been thinking about doing this, just haven't decided which group I want to do it in, but I'm open to trying it here. :) I'm doing the 12-week year now and part of the system is having an accountability group to check in with.
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  4. Hey Heather...Awesome! Yes, I believe it is so important that business owners to have an objective group, that's not on payroll to motivate and hold each other accountable to building their empires. Napoleon Hill called it a Mastermind, but at its foundation it acts as a conduit for inspired action.
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  5. If we were to do something like this, we could turn it into a competition...everyone involved posts what their goal is by each Monday at 12:01am, and at that time 7 days later members vote on who accomplished the most, winner gets some sort of prize.

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  6. @k06mars I love the idea of a competition and deadline time! However, depending on someones goals & profession it might be hard to put a value on 'winner'. I think just the thought of knowing you have to respond each week with an update of how well you hit your targets is pressure/reward enough lol!
  7. I have 3 Goals/Intentions this week:
    1.Do 3 Periscopes/day 5 days this week.
    2.Email 150 speaking engagement prospects.
    3. Focus word this week is 'Now' to ensure I am acknowledging this moment as perfect.
  8. I always tell clients that whenever they prepare to start a detox or workout program...expect a monkey wrench to be thrown in to see if they are really committed. Example: You decide to do a 7-day Juice & then on the 1st day you go to work & it's someones birthday & they are passing out slices of your favorite cake. In my case, I committed to the 7-Day blitz & then came down with the flu!!!! I NEVER get sick. I think it was my body adjusting to a winter in Arizona vs Florida. Anyway, I'm back with a vengeance now!!!
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