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A Complicated Situation About Using Blog And Site Redirection

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Raspal, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Okay, I'm trying to cut some of my domains and websites again (and got two more, recently - more in another thread).

    So, I'll be either letting them expire, or selling the good ones.

    Now, this is somewhat complicated. I had raspalwrites.com which I used as my main site and blog initially. Then, when I got iwriteaboutblogging.com, I redirected all the existing posts from raspalwrites.com to iwriteaboutblogging.com, as well as the raspalwrites.com/blog link to iwriteaboutblogging.com. All fine till here. And this was like 1.5-2 years ago.

    I added maybe 4-5 posts at iwriteaboutblogging.com after the redirect. And, then if someone remembers, I got fixwp.org though only using it as a website right now.

    Yesterday, I got a good domain name and I had already been thinking to change raspalwrites.com to something better, or just my first name. I got writerdiary.com, a generic/neutral name domain. But, I can still use it for a personal blog, and blog/write about anything.

    NOW, I'd like to redirect only the technical/WordPress posts from iwriteaboutblogging (and the original raspalwrites.com/blog) to fixwp.org. AND, the existing non-tech/writing/other posts to my new personal blog (writerdiary.com).

    I've already exported and imported the DB. That's okay. But redirection seems a little complicated. Do I need to touch the existing redirection at raspalwrites.com or not? It still has a 4 months before expiry, and the redirects were done nearly 2 years ago.

    Do I need to keep iwriteaboutblogging too (it expires in Jan 2017 so I do have some time anyway), do I need to add redirects on it too, or can I skip it and change the redirects on raspalwrites.com to directly point to fixwp.org and writerdiary.com?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. OK let's recap what is happening here.

    Now you have exported your databases and want to redirect technical blog posts to fixwp.org and non-technical blog posts to writerdiary.com

    There is probably a way to do this using WordPress categories etc, but here's what I would do.

    I would check your sitemap or archives page and then create two lists. One will list all of your technical blog posts. The other will list all of your non-technical blog posts.

    Using these lists, simply add 301 redirects for each URL.

    For example, your last blog post is a technical post and the URL is https://iwriteaboutblogging.com/namecheap/

    Assuming you are going to keep the permalinks on fixwp.org as /%postname%/, you would redirect the URL using:

    Redirect 301 /namecheap/ http://fixwp.org/namecheap/
    Using copy and paste, you will be able to add the necessary code fairly quickly.

    There is probably a way to do this using WordPress categories, but this is the route I would try as it means there are no surprises.
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  3. Yes, the .htaccess method is easy. I didn't know about the categories method, though.

    Here's what I need, again:
    • raspalwrites.com is my old personal website, which will retire.
    • raspalwrites.com/blog points to iwriteaboutblogging.com
    • iwriteaboutblogging is my old blog, which will also retire.
    • fixwp.org is my new website, where I want the WP-related posts redirected
    • writerdiary.com is my new blog, where I want the non-WP posts redirected
    If only one out of raspalwrites.com/blog and iwriteaboutblogging.com were in the picture, it would have been easier. Just redirecting some posts from iwriteaboutblogging.com to fixwp.org and some to writerdiary.com.

    On another note, I checked raspalwrites.com and iwriteaboutblogging.com on SEMRush.com. The backlinks are not that many. So, can I just skip this redirection, delete the blog posts from the old blogs, or let them be there and let the domain expire when they do?
  4. I would still do the redirection. Even if it is a little bit of traffic, it is still better to retain it if you can.

    If you are happy to go through the method I described above, I don't think you will have too many problems. You simply need to gather the URLs and then map them to the correct domain.

    Let me know if you are unsure about any of this.
  5. So, do I need to use the redirection on both raspalwrites.com as well as iwriteaboutblogging.com, and point to the posts at fixwp and writerdiary?

    Only unsure about which domain I need to use the redirection from.
  6. Yes you will need to use redirects in each website you move content from.
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