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A High Quality Guest Post Exchange: Would it Work?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. I stopped guest posting years ago. I also stopped accepting guest posts on my blog years ago too.

    The main reason I stopped accepting guest posts is because the standard of content that was being submitted was very poor. 95% of the articles bring submitted had to be rejected as they were badly written pieces of crap.

    Despite this, I still get about three or four emails every week from people wanting to guest post on my blog. Many come from SEO companies who are trying to promote a website or some crap infographic. Other requests come from aspiring bloggers. I'd love to help the latter, but it is difficult to tell the good ones from the bad so I just say no to everyone.

    I was thinking today about whether there are some benefits from an SEO point of view of working with fellow bloggers who are known for writing good blog posts.

    For example, say seven bloggers agreed to guest post on each others blogs from time to time. From an SEO perspective, they could do a link wheel on which guest posts aren't reciprocal. Alternatively, everyone who could contribute one post to every person's blog.

    How beneficial is this from an SEO point of view?

    From an exposure point of view, it could be good for raising our profile with a new audience. And since all participants are known to be good writers, most of the crap and inconvenience associated with accepting guest posts would be removed.

    In order for this to work, you would really have to be a bit snobby about it and only work with proven bloggers who are experienced. You would also have to set some ground rules as to how long posts are etc.


    Do you think this would be worthwhile from an SEO and marketing perspective?


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  2. Isn't it similar to Private Blogging Network? I mean not exactly PBN but it might be worth trying to share audience, mix it up and for sure increase reach.
  3. I have never heard of that term being used before but it sounds like others have did it already.

    The whole idea of it would be to keep things small. Say three to seven people guest posting on each others blogs.

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  4. I think it could work. And Private Blog Networks are something that do address that. However the problem could be in quality. Over time you will find quality drops if a large amount of people join it, but if you keep it small it could work.
  5. It could only really work among a small group of friends and associates and I imagine it would only work on a temporary/limited basis.
  6. Guest posting can still work well in many ways, though there are some additional concerns from the SEO standpoint. It has now been at least 2 or 3 years, I believe, that Matt Cutts, the former head of the Google Web Spam team, has hinted at or pretty much directly stated that followed guest post links could be something they decide to penalize in the future. The easiest way to eliminate that potential problem (which is fairly remote anyways), would be to simply nofollow guest post links, such as links in a guest poster's bio.

    On the other side of things, such as UX, guest posting can be done really well and provide a ton of different benefits, improved brand reach, referral traffic, etc. if done in the way you guys are talking about it. Namely, finding the best quality people to associate with, especially those that also have well-established names/brands, and bringing different perspectives to the table that will engage more users. At that point, it's just value added and a stronger overall presentation to the user.

    The term "PBN" is typically used in a bit of a different way in the SEO world. The main point of a typical SEO PBN, is almost solely for building authority sites that you then can link to your money sites and boost their rankings artificially. I wouldn't recommend going about it in that manner, unless you really no what you're doing, as there are way too many peripheral ways for the sites to be connected by Google, and penalized. They still work, and there are plenty of people out there banking off of them, but it can be exceedingly difficult to manage.
  7. If the links in a guest poster's bio was nofollow, what would be the incentive of writing a guest post? It's not like bio links generate a huge amount of traffic.
  8. Traffic (even if it's not a lot, still something, and could be ongoing for the long term), visibility, mentions. Even nofollow links do have some link value associated with them, though the speculation is that it isn't necessarily quite the same as traditional followed link value. What would be safer, in terms of followed links from a guest post bio, would be followed links to "parasite pages", such as their social profiles or other third party accounts (Tumblr, Blogspot, etc.). It would help boost those, which in turn would be somewhat passed through to their site (which they've hopefully linked to from their social account). Take my words with a grain, though, as the follow/nofollow guest post issue is still a bit of a gray area. I would tend to think it's doubtful that most normal sites would have an issue either way. Historically, the sites that have had issues with it have tended to be heavily focused on mutual guest posting, really for the sole purpose of generating followed guest post links at volume.
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  9. The irony of the whole guest posting issue is that large corporations and major websites continue to use it in their SEO campaigns. I get requests every single week from large companies asking me to mention them on high profile websites I have written for in the past. That leads me to believe that there are many benefits to having links in the bio area.

    Have you used guest posting yourself to build up your website's profile?
  10. In certain ways, though usually more focused on traffic on the right sorts of sites that stand a better chance of sending traffic. Medium.com is a good example.
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