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A Simple Redirect, But It's Not Working :(

Discussion in 'WordPress Questions & Support' started by Heather, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. I have tried to get one url to redirect to a certain page on my website, and I cannot get it to work. I thought I was doing it right through my registrar, but for some reason it's not working.

    If you have an idea of what I might be doing wrong, I would much appreciate it.
  2. Heather, can you give some more specifics? Also, what steps did you take through your registrar? Depending on what needs to be done, it may be easiest to simply set up an .htaccess redirect.
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  3. Yeah we will need specifics if possible :) - and a .htaccess redirect may be the way to go.
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  4. Ha! The vaguest question ever, right? Sorry.

    There is this page on Namecheap where you put in the source url, and next to it, you put in the url you want it to redirect to. I have tried doing it different ways (like with or without the prefix) but I can't seem to get it to work. I am hitting save. I did it once in the past to redirect an url to my FB group, and that worked fine, although actually there's a problem there, too... it only works if you put xyz.com, and not if you put www.xyz.com.

    I have no clue about .htaccess, but I will try again with all of this and let y'all know how it goes. I will say this. It usually helps when I start asking questions, because it gets me thinking about things in a new way. So thank you for listening.
  5. Heather,
    Don't try it from domain name registrar instead try it from your hosting panel (If there is an option) or you have to use .htaccess file to define the rule.

    Either you provide us the urls which you want to use for redirecting. We will give you the htaccess code here Or you can give us your cpanel details with redirect urls detail. We will do it for you.
    Though I will suggest you first try to provide us your urls details.
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  6. Hello. Thank you! I logged into cpanel and found something that says "Redirects," but it appears that you can only redirect from a happinessmama site to another site. What I want to is to redirect abreathofhappiness.com to happinessmama.com/essential-oils.
  7. An .htaccess redirection is worthwhile if the website is already set up.

    If the abreathofhappiness.com domain is just parked, you can perform a URL redirect via the domain panel of your domain registrar.
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  8. Thank you... it is just parked. And that's what I was trying to do... I don't know why it wasn't working. :( I'll try again, for the third time...:cautious: I will re-read the directions. I hate it when simple things are hard.
  9. Okay, I tried again. Maybe this time it will work. I'll check in 30 minutes or so.
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  10. Good luck. Be sure to let us know how you get on.
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  11. It worked! It worked, it worked, it worked! :) It's a Fourth of July Miracle! :)

    There's just something about asking in here... even if I don't get an answer I understand or even implement, it helps. :p Hooray!

    (Maybe this can be a selling point for Rise Forums... magical results, simply from asking for help!)

    It's probably just that I am trying something different or getting more confidence from knowing y'all will help me if I need it, but still! Awesome. :)
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  12. haha I should start telling everyone they will get magical results if they sign up here.

    Glad you got the issue resolved.
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