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A Video Review Of Pro Rank Tracker

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 17, 2016.

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  1. This is a video review of the SEO service Pro Rank Tracker. It's an SEO tracking service that tracks your rankings in search engines.

    The main plans require you to pay a monthly fee, but they have a free account that allows two URLs and twenty search terms to be tracked. It's quite a cool service.

    You can see my written review about the service at http://www.kevinmuldoon.com/pro-rank-tracker-review/ and read more about the service at http://proranktracker.com


  2. Interesting. I'm always curious to see more options (especially as mine, SERPLab, has been a bit struggling recently). The Keyword discovery tools look really good :)
  3. Yeah I thought it was a good little service. I recommend giving the evaluation plan a spin.
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