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Ads = Bad?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Heather, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. #21 Brian Jackson, Mar 27, 2015
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    Haha, omg I love your post Sakthi. Sounds like you got a little riled up there.
    I would have to agree with you... I think ads can be a silent killer (and that's the part of the article I really agree with, but not enough to stop me from using them). Just on my DPC ad alone it has completely paid for my fairly expensive managed host :) So just 1 ad out of many different revenue sources on my site has allowed me to host all my sites for free :) That doesn't sound silly to me. Do I lose a small portion of my audience? Perhaps... but like you said, there are smart ways to implement your ads.

    And like I said earlier, not everyone has a product. So adsense/affiliate ads make sense. Unless you want to blog for free.
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  2. Good points Sakthi!

    Brian - that's pretty awesome that the single ad covers your hosting for multiple sites.

    I guess the big question here is, how much more money could you make from the visitors that'd click on ads leaving the site (and possibly never return) if you captured their email address first?

    Super difficult to answer that's for sure.

    The thing is it's very easy to get someone to click on a link (and they probably won't come back), but it's difficult to get someone to make a purchase for a product they weren't initially looking for.

    It's easier to get someone to subscribe to your list than it is to get them to buy a product generally.

    So if you were to drop an advert and replace it with a CTA/free download - "Featured download: 5 top tools that [insert problem they solve] and then put together a short auto responder sequence promoting relevant + helpful content with other affiliate links - chances are you'd make more (would need to test to be sure), but even if they don't purchase anything straight away, you have their email address which you can use to promote your new content which will link to other relevant aff program's.

    You could try this as well as ads to start with and see how much commissions increase by.
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  3. Hey Adam,

    Ya that is a definitely a good point! It is something I am working on testing right now actually. My email list is large enough now to start some split tests too. Definitely haven't taken advantage of my list as much as I should have. Like you said I could start doing this now more with ads and if I start seeing an increase maybe ditch the ads on my site.

    I'm sure it is the same for you... I blog because I love it and I am passionate about it. I love sharing tutorials and interacting with people. But at the end of the day I also need the blog to produce money.

    Time to create some auto responder emails :)
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  4. Hey Brian,

    Really cool that you're testing this now - let us know how it goes, would be awesome to see the results!

    That's it exactly, as much as we love blogging, we've all got bills to pay. :)

    Will you be writing up your results in a blog post?
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  5. Thank you @Brian Jackson :)
  6. Interesting thought @Adam Connell It seems like a good idea for those who has a product to cross sell.

  7. @Brian Jackson How many subscribers do you have? (if you dont mind sharing)
  8. I just hit the 700 mark for my list. I've only been building it a year. And I have only done automated RSS MailChimp lol. I have never actually written an email yet. I need to make the time like Adam is saying. Come up with some auto-responder emails, and start marketing it a bit more. To be honest the 700 mark is quite low in my opinion because my traffic right now is hovering around 24,000 per month. Although the traffic has been incremental. I actually have been seeing a lot more traffic since I switched everything to my personal branding. Maybe people didn't like the name "Okay marketing" lol... I know i didn't. I am pretty busy with projects right now though so not too worried about low capture rate... as long as my email list is going up I'm happy :)
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  9. You don't need a product, it can work with affiliate products too.

    For example, Jon Morrow sent out a bunch of emails a while back (very well written) which promoted some lesson style affiliate pages, e.g. http://boostblogtraffic.com/leadpages-walkthough-sales-letter
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  10. Bryan Harris also did this on Video Fruit too.

    Bit of a tangent - I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on giving away or selling eCourses. Although a bit more time intensive, from reading a lot of the prominent bloggers, this seems to be the route many of them go.

  11. I'll have more once I finish putting together a course (loads of ideas, not enough time at the moment) but right now my immediate thought is to avoid giving a way a course. Well, I'd like to give it away because I know how beneficial it would be for people, but chances are I won't be able to give it away because of how much time I'd have to invest.
  12. Thanks Adam. I'm looking forward to it once done. [​IMG]
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