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Advise to build traffic for new website

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by vkala, Jul 26, 2014.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I am working on new blog/product review site. I wish to build the site traffic organically without
    using short cuts.

    Kindly advise 10-15 things that I must do to build the traffic organically.

    I am listing few that i can think of...:

    1) Create Social Media profiles : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr
    2) Backlinking ?
    3) Guest posts ?
    4) Create News Letters ?
    5) SEO Optimization ?

    Please advise more...
    Appreciate your help.

  2. All of the things you raised above are important. The other key factor you have missed is content. Content should be at the heart of any traffic strategy.

    There is no reason to send traffic back to a website if you have nothing there to convince people to subscribe.

    Before you launch your website, I recommend having 20 good articles written in advance. That will allow you to spend time doing promotion while your website just gets going.

    The mistake many people make is launching directly after they publish their next article. They then find it difficult to keep writing articles, write guest posts, and do marketing. By writing lots of articles in advance, you can focus on marketing for a week or so.
  3. Have you thought about building your mailing list?

    Specifically, how you can encourage people to sign up to your list?

    You could create a new piece of content that's a downloadable PDF and offer it to people who sign up to your list.

    Building your list is the best way to keep people coming back to your site.

    Also, @Kevin Muldoon's comments about content are spot on - I did a similar thing with the launch of my new site.
  4. I agree with you Kevin regarding content, appreciate your suggestion.

    Kevin - I am working to have the 20 articles (blog posts, review articles) content ready. I am thinking this approach to launch with 10 articles and post the remaining 10 articles on weekly basis... please suggest is it good or bad idea.

    Adam - Thank you for the advise. I thought about signup list, I am not clear about the content I should have in pdf ?...is it like a News letter or etc..please share few thoughts.

  5. Hi Vamsi,

    It's not a newsletter, just a downloadable piece of content that is exclusive for your subscribers. Something they can't access on your blog.

    You can build a list without having any specific newsletter, you could just use it to drive visitors back to your new blog posts. Later you can plan an auto responder sequence or build some sort of sales funnel once your blog is getting results.

    But, before you get there, you need to be asking some important questions right now:

    * What are you trying to achieve?
    * Who is target audience?
    * What challenges are your target audience facing?
    * How can you solve their problems/challenges with your content?

    Without understanding your audience, creating a 'bribe' to compel them to sign up to your email list will be a challenge.

    Break it down to a 'X who Y' formula.

    So, for example (I have multiple 'bribes' for my subscribers), one of them is a guide to influence marketing.

    My guide is for: bloggers who want to increase their authority and tap into the influence of key players in their niche.

    Once you have the answers to the 4 questions I listed above, you can do the same and start off with complete clarity:

    My guide is for: _______ who _______________.

    You can then frame your downloadable guide (sometimes called a bribe, others call it a lead magnet) around that. Knowing who you're writing for and what problem you are solving is the key.
  6. Hi Adam,
    Very thoughtful information... I will work on it. Just FYI... I am creating solar product review, blog site.

    I guess there are free plugin (wordpress) available to setup maillist.
  7. My suggestion would be to also look at what your competitors are doing and what you can do better.

    There are plugins for setting up a mailing list, but I'd recommend setting up a free account with someone like MailChimp to get started.

    You can then use some of the free plugins available to place opt-in forms on your site, here are some to get started:
    I'm a big fan of OptinMonster, but you can accomplish alot with these free plugins.
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  8. Adam - Thank you very much for your help. Very useful information.

    I will keep posted...
  9. I personally wouldn't launch with 10 blog posts already published. What I would do is set a publication frequency and then stick to it. For example, if you publish three times per week, 20 articles will give you close to 7 weeks of articles.
  10. Ok, what is your thoughts on start with 10 blog posts publish and as you suggested publish 10 blog posts...3 per week and so forth.
  11. Hi Adam,
    I Installed optin-forms plugin - really awesome... thank you for the advise.
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  12. I would just start with one and follow your desired posting schedule. The key is for each article to offer lots of value.

    What length do you expect your articles to be?
  13. Kevin - I am just a beginner trying to understand the best strategies that I must adopt.

    Length ? you mean the blog post size...500 words each.

    Thank you...Have nice weekend.
  14. Kevin - Kindly advise what is the strategy I must adopt... I have 10 articles content ready, and another 10 blog posts in-progress. I do not have clear idea...

    Appreciate your help.
  15. What do those blog posts focus on?

    In general, I would say that 500 words is too short, but it depends on the topic. News posts, for example, are usually short.
  16. Ok understand.

    For example...I planned for one blog post created with topic: "How to choose right size of solar panel kit for Home, and RV" with 500 words.
  17. I still d0n't know what your blog is about. I know one article is about solar panels, so can I assume that your blog is about solar power? Or is it about home improvement?

    Whilst I don't know exactly what you are writing about, it sounds like the articles may be a bit too short. One longer article at 2,000 words would probably be much better than three short ones at 500-600 words.
  18. Oh...sorry for the confusion. My intent is write content (blog posts, reviews) on solar panels, solar panel kits and other related products for Home and RV.
  19. Cool. Best of luck with the project. I am sure you can generate good money if you keep focusing on quality content.
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