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Alternatives to mailchimp

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Adam Le Feuvre, Sep 21, 2015.

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  1. So, I'm a fan of the 'chimp and used it for years. Although the service and support us excellent, as is the product, I'm curious as to know of anyone using alternatives?

    I'm now paying £90 per month for chimp due to having a large list (12000+) and while I appreciate that's a lot of addresses, I'm only sending 2-3 newsletters per month, so the service is costing me over £1000 per year and around £40 per newsletter.

    Any tips or suggestions?
  2. OK so I'm using Rise via the taptalk app - just seen the previous thread is similar.

    Anyone used Elastic Email? The price is attractive!
  3. Have you considered using a custom emailing solution and sending emails through a service such as Mandrill (from MailChimp), SendGrid or Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)?

    It is considerably cheaper.

    Amazon, for example, charge emails at at $0.10 per thousand. Therefore, sending an email to a list of 12,000 would cost $1.20.

    Mandrill costs $9.95 per month up to 25,000 emails. For the same price, SendGrid allows you to send up to 40,000 emails.
  4. I hadn't no, but will now. Thanks Kevin.
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  5. Mandrill + Mailpoet. Should be good for you for £90 a YEAR.
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  6. I'd look into either ActiveCampaign.com or convertkit.com. Both have simple automation tools and fairly affordable. Ashley Faulkes over at MadLemmings.com and Gael Breton recommend AC (Gael gives a quick review of AC here). Sujan Patel and Sol Orwell (founder of examine.com and sjo.com) favor CK.

    Let us know how it goes @Adam Le Feuvre !
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  7. I second Active Campaign...I LOVE it!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm actually working on an email campaign now as well and I'm looking into different options...
    Dear Adam, I would absolutely agree that MailChimp is the best considering how much free stiff they provide... I've recently been recommended Getresponse as well, it is a pre-paid service, but it gives you a trail period to check it out. Anyway, I think it does depend on what kind of business you provide. :)
    As for me, I'm actually more concerned about the appearance of my email... Since I'm going to promote my photography services, I want my newsletter to look nice. :X3:
    Thing is, I lack time, so now I'm looking into solutions I could use instead of coding the stuff by myself. I'm considering to use a free (lowcost), yet nice looking newsletter template available on the Internet... I also want it to be as responsive as possible, so that my prospects would be able to view it from any gadget. (y)
    So what's your idea of a newsletter design? Should it be more simplistic or maybe for a photographer -related stuff I'd rather include somewhat of a portfolio? Is using a third-party template service a good option?
    Ah, need help! I'm totally lost.
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