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Anti Spam Measures Added to Rise Forums

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 4, 2014.

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  1. I have added a lot of anti-spam controls to the forum. This will only affect new people to register on Rise Forums, not those of you who are already registered.

    I had found that some spammers were getting through. The new controls should stop almost all automated spam (hopefully). The other problem is human spam.

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed over a dozen people sign up simply to reply to a thread with a link to their website. They usually try and disguise the fact it is their website by suggesting it is a website they have used in the past. Some are stupid enough to sign up with their website email address (e.g. [email protected]); do they not realise it is obvious what they are doing?

    Anyone who drops by here, spams the forum, and then never comes back, adds nothing to the forum. Therefore, I am banning all of them. I have introduced a new control in which new members cannot post a link until they have been registered a certain length of time and posted a certain number of posts.

    I do realise that this will be a minor inconvenience for new members. Though it is a price I think is worth paying if it cuts down on spam :)

  2. Agreed! As somebody who (I think) contributes to the success of the site, I still get a bit embarassed posting in the social media sharing forum, so always good to see measures like this being taken :D
  3. You are definitely contributing to the success of Rise Forums.

    You needn't be concerned about posting in the social media sharing forum. That's what it is there for. Only thing I think we need to consider doing is placing the thread in a private room that is hidden from search engines. I'm not sure if it is good for the public to see us sharing articles in that way.
  4. Thanks Boris. Yeah we need to stay on top of spammers and ensure we attract good members and not those who are simply looking for a place to spam.
  5. Gotta be done, Kevin!
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  6. I just created a scene about this...:oops: ...I wasn't allowed to share a link. I complained because I intended to share a great Copyblogger resource...

    BTW this is a nice hangout...:whistle:
  7. Sorry about that Deesha. I hope you realise that the main goal is not to frustrate good members, but to frustrate spammers. The one thing all spammers want to do is post links, so limiting that makes it very difficult for them to spam the forum.
  8. Hey Kevin. I get it now. Hehe... You'll have to excuse my "UPSET" message too. I sent one through the contact form. I hope that I clear the screening soon. Love to share useful links.
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  9. That's really good action taken against spammers.
    Kevin if you don't mind can you share some of the mods you have used to stop spammers ?
  10. Hi Sanjay,

    I am using some of the TAC anti-spam plugins. I have deactivated two so far as they were causing problems with new members registering. However, they seem to be tackling bots better than before.

  11. Thanks Kevin.
    You can use stopforumspam and cleantalk. They are also great.
  12. Yeah StopForumSpam is supported by TAC.

    It's difficult to get the right balance with all of this. The more measures you put in place, the more likely it is real members will be marked incorrectly as spammers.
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