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Anyone Been To A Wordcamp?

Discussion in 'WordCamp Events' started by Joe F, Jul 18, 2014.

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  1. What was it like?

    Did you learn much?

    Meet some interesting people?

    Get any free swag?

    Not been myself but would probably go if there was one in my town.
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  2. Hard to say really (I've been to 3). WCUK 2013 was the last "big" solid UK one (they've gone regional recently), and it was my first experience with integrating with the UK WordPress community. Felt a bit outsider but otherwise good.

    Second one was WordCamp Europe, and that was big & brash. A lot of US and Worldwide developers attended, and it was fantastic integrating with the wider community. Heavy though.

    Finally earlier on this year was WordCamp Manchester. Again, this was more low key, but was great because of it. Got to meet a lot of people who fancied speaking who were put off by the larger confrences (and was my own speaking debut). Loved it, probably my favourite one yet.

    Overall, a little bit. The biggest learning experience was through speaking, on the account I had people correct me. That helped me no end!

    To give you an example, I spoke on SEO on a WordPress Meetup (not a WordCamp), and from there somebody asked me a question about nginx. I had no idea on it, but because of it, I did my research.

    I can also point to an edit on the Codex that happened because of my talk :D

    Oh yes. At Europe I met Matt Mullenweg, Dre Armeda, Joost De Valk (though met him before in SEO circles), Vitaly Friedman (of Smashing Magazine) amongst others. Connections I have made have been brilliant.

    Yep. Stickers. Badges. T-Shirts (LOADS of T-shirts). USB sticks. Nothing major, but nothing terrible.

    Do it! (or set one up :))
  3. Thanks for the info Rhys. I can image the US ones being a bit cliquey, was the big UK one like that? Is there that much of a big UK WordPress scene?
  4. The UK scene is growing. We've recently switched from one WordCamp/year to three so far this year already (Sheffield, Manchester & UK wide one). Also smaller meetups are popping up all over the country (there's been a WordPress Meetup York last week, with a Preston one happening soon as well), which is great.

    There's a bit of a clique, largely from how the UK one was run (hence why we've gone from 1 to 3), but not massively.
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