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Anyone Tried Postmatic - Looks Like A Great Solution For Rss Newsletters And Commenting

Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jul 3, 2016.

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  1. I've seen a couple of reviews of Postmatic. It could be the answer to the subscription issue that I was tackling recently

    They look like the post to email service is really good and they allow you to import emails in.

    Pricing isn't too bad for individuals. It costs $50 to send one or two emails a week to up to 10,000 subscribers. For businesses that price is $150.

    I can't see anything that explains how they distinguish businesses and individuals. Is a blogger an individual, a business, or both?

    More information about Postmatic at https://gopostmatic.com.

    I'll drop them an email and ask if they can explain the service better :)

  2. Hey Kevin,

    I'm happy to answer any questions your community may have about our plugins and services.

    Post-to-email is one of the things we do really well. Thanks. What's even cooler is that when you send a post via Postmatic it is replyable - users just reply to the email to leave a comment (and be subscribed to comments as well). We also handle comment notifications in the same way. Everything can be replied to. Get a notice that someone replied to your comment? Hit reply to reply back. Simple, and as it should always have been IMHO.

    Our paid plans also include the ability to send daily/weekly digests if you are a frequent publisher... and soon straight-up newsletters (although you can hack that part right now).

    The differences between our free and paid plans can be found on our website. We don't have a different set of features for personal vs business plans. It's just a different level of service. Things like dedicated IPs, chat support, and custom implementations.

    We have a number of other comment and engagement-related plugins available in the repo. You can get a quick overview of them here.

    Postmatic does a lot. In particular we replace things like:
    Jetpack Notifications
    Mailchimp RSS Campaigns
    Subscribe to Comments

    We also have a front-end commenting plugin named Epoch which serves as a Disqus alternative while still using native comments.

    That's a good start. Please check out our site and let me know how else I can help. All paid plans come with 30 days free trial.

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  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond James.

    It's the RSS to Email element I am very interested in.

    I recently changed from using GetResponse to using Sendy to send email blasts and Jetpack to send email updates every time an article is published. I'd rather set up a weekly email newsletter than something that sent an email every single time I hit publish.

    In the long term it sounds like you will be fighting services such as MailChimp head on.

    Do you have functionality to import from other systems beyond MailChimp, MailPoet, and Jetpack?

    What do you recommend someone install first to try out your service?

    Is this plugin the one to start with - https://wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic/ ?

  4. Hey Kevin,

    Our digests are particularly cool. They go out automatically and have a feature called add to my inbox which lets your users pick and choose the posts they want to read and queue them up in their inbox. You can see how to set that up in this video. You can also easily offer your readers the ability to get posts as you publish them, or a digest. They can switch their subscription preference at any time from the email itself.

    We do not have importers for other services yet. We maintain a very high standard for not letting spammers use Postmatic to send unwanted email (which is one of the ways we maintain such a high deliverability rate). We will only import users from services from which we can verify the user did double opt-in. Even our Mailchimp importer will detect users which were manually added and omit them from the import.

    The best way to add users from services for which we do not have an importer is to use our Invitations system. Here you can paste in the email addresses you have (or even extract them automatically from your past commenters) and send them a quick note asking them to click to subscribe/resubscribe.

    For someone starting out with our service I recommend they take us up on the free 30 day trial of one of our paid plans. You can get started over at http://app.gopostmatic.com. If they do not want to continue the paid service (feature breakdown here) they can downgrade to Postmatic Basic and use that for free forever.

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