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Anyone upgrading to Windows 10?

Discussion in 'The Tech Room' started by Joe F, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. I just got the sys tray notification that I can register for the free upgrade to Windows 10.

    Not sure when it is out exactly, but is anyone else going to jump right in and download it?

    I'm using Win 7 and don't really have any complaints, but it could always be better.
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  2. I have been on the tech previews of Windows 10 for 6+ months. Windows 10 is a lot smoother and faster. They added the start menu back for the crowd who didn't like removing it. I actually prefer the start menu, call me old fashion. I was using Start8 app for a while when they first removed it to lol, to get it back.

    July 29th is the rumored date for release. I would definitely recommend upgrading :) You will see speed increases and better handling of multitasking.
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  3. My laptop is on Windows 7. Haven't noticed any upgrade message yet but I imagine it is there.

    I'll probably upgrade. Hopefully, doing so won't cause any drivers to mess up.
  4. My computer at my day job office and my religion office(it's church but I don't know what is it call for Buddhist) also has the notification. But my personal computer has to shown that notification.

    I am jumping right into Windows 10 whenever it becomes available. Had been using Windows 7 since beta, and really don't like Windows 8.
  5. Sounds good. I've signed up so will wait for the upgrade to become available. But i can't seem to get rid of the system tray notification icon that is instructing me to Get Windows 10.

    Not a great start!
  6. Haha they forgot to tell you the system tray notification for Windows 10 is in beta :D
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  7. Yes I have already signed up for the free upgrade. When I go to Windows Update it says Windows 10 upgrade reserved. I guess before upgrading you need to have the system check for all previous windows updates and have up to the last one installed if you want the Windows 10 upgrade.
  8. Can I turn off the notifications?

    Yes. Click “Customize” in the System Tray and turn off the Get Windows 10 app notifications in the menu that comes up.

    Its there in the FAQs - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-faq
  9. Thanks Prakash, should've looked for that!
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