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As a freelancer, how do you manage your time?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Joe F, Jul 19, 2015.

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  1. Do you take advantage of flexible working and work ad hoc hours?

    Or do you try to work to a regular schedule?

    I split my time up a lot but I'm starting to lean towards working fixed hours, such as 9-3 or set chunks of time, then turning the computer off and doing other stuff.

    Although that feels a bit like not taking advantage of the freedoms of being a freelancer.

    What works best for you?
  2. Not a freelancer, but on the days when I am working on my freelance stuff, I do try to set aside chunks of time to do the work. I am terrible in the evening, and better in the morning, so aim to work usually between 7am-1pm, and then lighter work in a coffee shop for the rest of the day.
  3. The freedom of being a freelancer is picking your own work hours - if 9-3 is what works best for you in terms of productivity and working around any other commitments you may have, that's the time to work! Just because you work the same hours each day doesn't mean you're not taking advantage of freelancing - it means you know what works and are smart enough to stick to it!
  4. I always try to get up in the habit of staying up early, but it never works. Over time, I stay up a bit later and then sleep in a bit later.

    I have always managed work around training, whether it be the gym, running, or martial arts. The gym and running are more flexible as I can go at any time, but I recently started back training in martial arts so the times of classes of fixed. Therefore, there are many nights during the week when I do not get home until after 9.30pm. That means that by the time I get showered and cook my dinner, I'm not sitting down to get something to eat until after 10.00pm. Because of this, I find it difficult to get to sleep until 1am or 2am (sometimes later).

    Even if I wasn't exercising, I would still fit my work around the other things I do, but I always try and ensure that the other things I enjoy doing don't interfere with the work actually being completed.
  5. What martial arts are you doing now Kevin?

    I have the same trouble if I go to the gym in the evening, I find it hard to get to sleep and then I'm tired the next day.

    I might try training in the AM before the kids get up when we move. Worth a try!
  6. I go to a boxing class on a Tuesday for an hour, but we don't learn technique. It's more of a fitness class as we focus on hitting pads etc. I joined an MMA club so after that boxing class I drive 20 minutes to the club and I do another boxing class; however that class focuses more on technique etc. Then I have an hour of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (gi).

    The last three weeks I have made most classes at the MMA club. So in total every week I have been doing two boxing classes (2 hours total), two BJJ classes with gi (3 hours), two BJJ classes no-gi (3 hours), two muay thai classes (2 hours), and one wrestling class (1 hour). I also do two five-mile runs at around 8:00 minute pace. One before my boxing class on a Tuesday and one before my fitness/strength class on a Thursday. I also do one weights session at the gym and two hours of cardio on a Sunday. For example, yesterday at the gym I ran five miles and then did a little over an hour on the cross trainer.

    I may change my schedule up a little as I want to do more BJJ. I'm keen to get back into Taekwondo again once my flexibility is back too. So I may have to change things around to accommodate those.

    Are you thinking of joining a class yourself?
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  7. Good grief, Kevin. Wow! How are you feeling? I imagine you're feeling really great with all that exercise. I'm curious to hear about it.

    I'm feeling like such a slug, not running or even getting outside much due to the heat and challenge of getting some time in the morning to get away. I need to just force myself to do videos inside, or see if I can work it out to join the Y, and then see if I can figure out a time to actually go there.

    Does gi mean that for those classes you have to wear the special outfit?
  8. Yeah I feel...well, normal. I used to do this much training years ago before I injured my neck. My cardio was arguably better last year when I was doing my marathon training last year.

    I find it hard to get the motivation to do any kind of exercise at home. It's better to get out and run.

    Sorry, the gi is the training suit (like pyjamas) that people in Judo and Brazilian JiuJitsu wear.
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  9. I want to feel normal again. I have got to get back into good exercise habits. I've been feeling really sore.

    Is gi pronounced like a hard g or like j? Is it like geese without the "se"?
  10. Yeah it's like Gee as in Geese without the se :)
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  11. yeah i like your answer kevin so thanks.
  12. Kevin, what are you? So much energy. I am 70 years old and go to the gym twice a week. I live in the Dominican Republic, on a limited retirement income. As an internet marketer wanna be, I get up in the morning eat breakfast and then sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee. I am now starting to work on my blog. In the mornings, I have the most energy. I use that part of the day to do internet, blogging, writing work. At night I start to write an article and do not finish it, because I am too tired. Then I go to sleep and wake up with the other half of the article on my mind and I write. You have to dream to be creative.
  13. I'm 36. I still feel fit enough to keep up my current training regime, though I know I will have to reduce my workload over time as I get older.

    I try and avoid relying on things like coffee and ensure I get plenty of sleep. Doesn't always work that way though. haha.

    How's life in the Dominican Republic?
  14. At Lifehacker a lot of articles about it
  15. I started to freelance article to pick up a little extra money. I have to manage my off time from my regular job. My biggest problem is my procrastination if I could just learn to do a couple hours each evening instead of waiting two or three days letting it pile up on me I would be way more productive!
  16. Just seen your old reply Kevin. That is a lot of training - how is it all going?

    I'd like to give BJJ a try but not sure I've got the aggression for it. Would you recommend it for a total beginner who is getting on a bit?
  17. I'm loving it. It's addictive.

    I recommend giving it a bash. People of all ages and skill levels can do it. A lot of people lose a lot of weight through doing the training too.

    You'll love it. Find a good school and give it a try :)
  18. Cheers, I'll add it to the to do list ;-)
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