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Beans - A nice wordpress theme framework

Discussion in 'WordPress Themes' started by Sanjay Ojha, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. Recently, I was looking for a good WordPress theme framework. While reading an article on sitepoint I came to know about this wonderful framework.
    It is like genesis and it is oriented for developers (coders). It have lot of hooks and filter which help to develop theme. It uses http://getuikit.com front-end framework (I prefer bootstrap or foundation).

    This framework is developed by Thierry Muller, One of the great developer in WordPress community.
    Have a look http://www.getbeans.io

    I have just start learning its documentation and its seems to have lot of great and modern features.
    I am sure if like genesis, you will also like this framework.
  2. Great find Sanjay. That looks like a great framework.

    I may test out some of their themes and see if any of them would be suitable for my own blog.
  3. Nice. Good to see him join up.

    I really hope more developers start developing new themes using Beans as it looks like such a flexible uncomplicated framework.
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  4. Hey guys,

    I am really happy to see this topic and how quickly Beans is growing so I would like to drop a few lines to give you a bit more about the insights. @Kevin Muldoon there are definitely more third party devs busy roasting themes (and plugins) and I expect to see more coming in the future. An article for third party devs will be added to Getting Started category of Beans docs. It will contain as starter plugin and starter parent theme with various information for third party devs to build themes and plugins. We saw lots of websites build with Beans popping up lately and I think it is because Beans launched last September and people were busy building, so that is really cool to see.

    @Sanjay Ojha after doing long research and testing, we chose UIkit because it is much more theme orientated (comments, article etc). I find it also a lot more complete and lots of great components. Then we solved the issue of loading the full framework with the really cool Beans UIkit API which let you choose exactly which components to load on a per page bases. You get the best of the UIkit framework without compromising on performance. Some would think "then you end up with a million server request for each file enqueued". Nope, a single js and css file are created (very first initial load) and cached based on the components loaded so it is exactly like if you where loading any other enqueued asset. On top of that, you may add your own Less/Css to the compiler and even change UIkit variables and it process it for you which takes it to a whole new level. To me, it kind of feel magical a bit just like the rest of the API.

    This thinking applies to the entire framework actually. If you are curious, check the PHP memory used with Beans and you will see that it is close to WP core themes and in fact less than Genesis, yet it can do so much more :)

    Let me stop here as there is so much more to say about the other API components like images resize for responsive, the admin fields API, HTML, Actions... I am happy to talk more about other things you might be interested to know so feel free to let me know.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have or help with your projects guys, I am always happy to assists.

    Btw, I am glad to be a member of Rise Forum ;-)
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  5. Glad to have you here too Thierry. It's always great to see developers sign up to Rise Forums; particularly those who work with WordPress.

    Third party support for Beans will be a big factor in how successful it is, but it looks like it is highly regarded. There are websites such as ThemeButler releasing themes for it already.
  6. Welcome to the forum @Thierry Muller
    I have already started looking at UIKit. I love the framework so far.
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