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Best Paying Wordpress-related Affiliate Programs?

Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Joe F, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. I'm just writing a post on the best WordPress-related affiliate programs and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

    I know Kevin is looking at WP Engine again as they pay out a decent amount per lead.

    Any others I should include?

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  2. I'm actually talking to them on the phone today to ask them some questions about their service :)

    Drag and drop page builders are very popular. Lots of website designers and internet marketers are always looking for good solutions to design websites so they will convert well. Landing page solutions should convert well for the same reason.

    Theme lists can do well too.
  3. I'd be quite interested to read the article :)

    I'm looking to monetise something associated with Winwar
  4. Thanks guys. So far it looks hosting is the best option with Hostgator and Bluehost offering between $50 and $125 depending on how many sales you generate in a month.

    Syed's plugins like WPForms, OptinMonster etc are pretty good too.

    Email marketing services seems to be good payers as well.

    Nothing to beat WP Engine and their minimum $200 payment yet though.
  5. How about stuff like Elegant Themes & StudioPress? They seem to pay quite decently too :)
  6. Also worth noting that it's not just the level of commission or even the quality of the product, but how the product converts. I have used amazing products and written reviews on them and not generated any commissions. Then I reviewed a product I just happened to come across and it generated lots of sales. There is a lot of trial and error involved in this until you have some data you can work from.
  7. I was quite happy with ElegantThemes affiliate program.

    The only disadvantage of popular affiliate programs is their popularity :) With tens of thousands sale cookies already set it's quite hard to generate sale (perfect example - ThemeForest).
  8. The problem with ThemeForest isn't just referring new customers, it's the fact that they only pay you 30% commission of the first deposit. That is truly awful. The amount of traffic I have sent them compared to the money they have generated me is obscene.
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  10. Thanks, will take a look.

    Yes, I wonder how people make money promoting ThemeForest - if commissions are only earned on the first purchase a customer makes, which is probably just a $59 theme.

    Whereas if you can promote the Elegant Themes top package, that's about $120 commission. Or the StudioPress $500 option! Then again, those multipurpose ThemeForest themes like Avada, do look pretty impressive so maybe they sell pretty well?

    I guess it's all about the amount of traffic you can get to your site.
  11. Wow, 10% recurring? :eek:
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  14. 10% recurring is great :) - I'm aiming to get more recurring revenue, so I may check it out too :)
  15. Sure @Rhys Wynne. I would love to help you out, if you need any assistance :)
    You can connect with me @MustaasamSaleem
  16. Hi! I was just reading more about WP Engine, including your review, Kevin. It's just so expensive!

    I also just signed up for A Small Orange's affiliate program, since I use ASO and like them... they pay a $50 flat fee per referral. That seems pretty good to me, but I'm not well acquainted with how others pay.

    Also, what is WPE SSL?
  17. Thanks for the link about SSL.

    Kevin, is that $50 per referral good, do you think?
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