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Best web 2.0 sites for 1st tier link building

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Uzzal Hossain, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. I have thought of squidoo and hubpages but cannot think of anymore good web 2.0 sites?
  2. Is Hubpages and Squidoo really worth the time? I would always have thought that publishing articles on related websites in your niche would be better. The traffic would be targeted and would get you and your website name promoted on an established website within your niche.

    Granted, SEO is not my area of expertise. What do you think @Brian Jackson?
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    Ya personally I don't bother with tier link building anymore. I used to. Trust me, I was one of those guys who would stay up all night building them. For me it isn't worth the time involved anymore. Like @Kevin Muldoon said, smart guest blogging, blog commenting, social media, and smart link building is the way to go. If I have great content the links should follow automatically. I'm sure Kevin can agree with this. For example, my http://okaymarketing.com website. I currently have 1,800 backlinks with most of the anchor text spread across my brand name, personal name, and a few random blog posts, etc... which is what it should be, and the blog itself is less than a year old. In that time period I have never purposely set out to go build links. All my blog articles right now if written right always rank #1/#2 on Google within 24-48 hours.

    For some of my other commercial sites I do a little link building, but we are talking about strategic sites with focused PR. Example, one of my clients makes a lot of infographics and so we post them on http://visual.ly/. Visual.ly gives you a PR7 dofollow backlink. And you get all the extra traffic from being a part of an infographic community. Thats what I like to call a "smart juicy backlink."

    If you have a blog, technorati is another must! Some people gave up on technorati but it still gives you a dofollow PR7 backlink and also if you have quality content and rank high in the category, extra traffic :) Another smart backlink.

    http://profiles.wordpress.org is another great PR9 backlink.

    Here are some more additional backlinks that you may not have thought of.

    I know Matt Woodward and all those guys are crazy about tiered link building. But from my experience lately it is no longer needed and I just don't have the time. If you don't have quality content then yes I would say you probably do need it as you will have a very hard time ranking. Also Matt always updates his link building tutorials like a year later saying it got hit hard by an algorithm. Why take the risk is my opinion? For my commercial clients, I can't take the risk and for my own projects, the time invested doesn't warrant the results. I would rather spend the time writing higher quality content that will rank for years.

    One of my sites I sold last year, http://theitbros.com is still holding steady at the same traffic it was when I sold it. The guy hasn't updated it in like 6 months. Which comes to what I like say... "Backlinks come and go, quality content lasts forever." (to some extent) And the reason why? It's hard lol. Quality content is not easy and takes time/dedication.

    Those are my thoughts :)
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  6. Fantastic post @Brian Jackson. I was actually looking for a solution to something the other day (think it was browser related). A few minutes later I realised I was reading one of your articles :)

    I agree with everything you say. Everyone is looking to take shortcuts with content. They want the quickest and, perhaps more importantly, cheapest way of generating traffic to their website. This can work in the short term, however it is very susceptible to changes in search engine algorithms. People don't naturally link to low quality articles, so if you want to generate incoming links naturally, it is worth putting in the time and energy to write high quality posts from the start.

    I don't like publishing content on other websites unless I am being paid. Why would I write a 5,000-10,000 word article for a website such as Hub Pages. Yes, I would get some traffic and link juice, but they would get more traffic and make money through ads. They are also in a position to just remove the content if they wish.
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  8. To be honest, I actually thought Tehnorati died years ago. The only thing that really kept it relevant was their top 100 list.
  9. Wow, @Brian Jackson I've only been writing content for a few weeks now and currently have zero backlinks so 1,800 seems like such a huge number after 1 year.

    How did you get your first few links in the early days of the site? Even if you were writing good content, it must have taken something to get people to notice your site originally.
  10. Thanks Brian,

    Replied in the other thread.
  11. Web 2.0 sites are good technique of link building, make sure you are using fresh content with these sites to get maximum advantage.
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