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Blogging Is Dead

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. This video focuses on the topic of blogging and how much the platform has changed over the last few years.

    I have no doubt that those of you who have blogs will relate to a lot of what I am saying in the video.

    Hope you enjoy it :)

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  2. I prefer reading over watching videos, but youth (post millenials kids) are just dumb and lazy as we never were.
    The have some sort of illiteracy - they can read and write, but don't understand it (written text). So they prefer to watch videos.

    It's a trend, I can see it in Poland too.
  3. I think you're underselling your potential audience by saying any one group is dumb and lazy. All that happened is a new medium (Youtube/Vine) came up which happens to compete with the old (Wordpress/other blogging technology). As a result, if you continue to use the old medium in a way which is better suited for the new medium, you will fail. Likewise, if you jump on the new medium bandwagon but fail to properly use it, you will fail.

    As an example: The key advantage vlogging has over blogging is you are given a chance to make a stronger emotional connection with your audience. As a result, if you want to evoke feelings - anger, happiness, sadness, etc., a Youtube channel will probably be better for you than a basic WP setup. It takes an incredibly skilled writer to evoke true feelings from their readership. Seeing someone, however - assuming they aren't trying to act angry/sad/happy - it is much easier to evoke the emotional response you are looking for (as an aside, this is why online bullying is so prevalent compared to 50 years ago - the bully never sees the immediate impact of calling someone dumb/fat/ugly, etc.)

    I happen to enjoy reading techdirt. The content works because the authors are not trying to evoke an emotional response from me, so much as they are trying to inform and provide basic commentary on why event X is a good or bad thing. They do have a weekly podcast so interested parties can make more of an emotional investment, however their main medium is written word - and the simple fact is, content such as theirs does not translate well into video form.
  4. I would agree that the standards of writing have dropped considerably since we were younger. As someone who writes a lot, it annoys me to see such poorly written articles being published on high traffic websites.

    I disagree with you on YouTube videos though Kris. I'm a total YouTube fanatic and watch videos every single day. It's just more practical to consume information for many things in this way. For example, tutorials, product reviews etc. I agree with @k06mars that video helps people connect to the person as well. It's much better than blogging in that regard.
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  5. I can't speak for everyone here, but with the work I do, I have to read a lot, and so a good 7/10 of the time when I'm not working; rather doing light research or learning stuff, I'll rest my eyes by watching video/audio content instead. The truth is, there's just way too much written content on the Web, and so sometimes I prefer just to look at a video or maybe even do some light work while listening to audio from the video in the background.

    My main reason for preferring to watch video/content over written content is because if I read too much, I just get all tired and headachey. So I agree with others in that you should write excellent well-written content that people will want to read (not just to make money; music made just to make money fails too), and combine it with video/audio, and then everyone's a winner.

    I've done a lot of reading all day today, and so I needed a break from reading, and so I watched 2 of Kevin's videos on YouTube which took around 40 minutes in total. That sure let my eyes rest a bit from all the reading I'd been doing all day! The videos were interesting, and I learnt a lot about blogging/trolling or at least revitalise what I already knew about it ;)

    To be honest, I've been starting to write some content for different blogs, and they do bring in the traffic, but after checking the video "Blogging is Dead" I don't think I'll bother; I don't have the time to add video/audio. :(

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to my stuff here but just trying to give an example, so feel free to remove it if needed. Well, I created a little article called The Number One Question You Must Ask A cPanel Web Hosting Company on HostXNow Blog which was mainly for a test. The page has bought in a fair share of traffic, and I see the page currently ranks #9 on the first page of Google for "Web" and #5 for "Pages for the UK". No doubt after linking to the title of the article here (not done this anywhere else), it will probably rank the page even higher in SERPs, which might as well be another test. We'll see!?

    My suggestion, Kevin, is to make the video's as you do but write a condensed written version of everything in the video for those who'd rather quickly glance over the summary or are excellent at reading and can scan it quickly. Sometimes, I like to read, and sometimes I like to watch depending on how much time I have or how tired I am, as I mentioned previously.

    Sure does seem like vLogging is the way forward. I only just learnt the word "vlogging" by the way; I'm so busy with the hosting side of things that I don't learn enough about the other important related subjects.

    TIP: try not to repeat things in video's too (sometimes it's necessary, sure, but try not to overdo it). The more to the point you are, the better, and it helps prevent people leaving the page due to the limited time they have. For the record, I watched both of the videos in full.

    Excellent observations and work, Kevin. Keep it up.

    Ps I wonder if what I wrote brings in much traffic to this post!? If someone shared this post with you or you found it via one of the big search engines such as Google or Bing, then let us know! It would be great to hear your comments on this. Ok, now it looks like I'm showing off HAHA. Serious, excellent Topic. :sneaky:
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    I generally watch videos more than I consume written articles too. That wasn't true ten years ago, but ten years ago video wasn't so common. It's a different story today.

    Start a new thread about generating traffic to your website and we can examine the techniques you are using to drive traffic to it. :)
  7. >It's a different story today.

    Sure is. :)

    >Start a new thread about generating traffic to your website and we can examine the techniques you are using to drive traffic to it.

    Will do when I get the chance; it took me ages to write the post above! I could've explained it in a video within 5 minutes rather than me spend 40 minutes writing it in a post. But yes, I'll ask for some help when I get the chance. Cheers. (y)
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