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Business Card

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Soki, Jul 22, 2015.

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  1. As freelancer, do you guys print business card and handout?

    I want to have a business card for the internet marketing consulting company me and my gf is starting, however we do not want to have our home address printed on it. We currently have a work address.

    Do you guys think is ok to exclude address on a business card?
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  2. I printed cards for attending WordCamp last month. It ended up being a waste of time as I only handed out about three haha.

    I would either print your work address on your business card or exclude it altogether. It really depends on where you are hanging cards out.

    If you are attending a conference, I believe a simple business card with a URL and email address is sufficient. If you are distributing cards locally, I would add your work address.
  3. I have a business card that doesn't include my address. Here it is:-


    The only thing I'd probably include as well is my Skype.

    Oh, and in terms of handing them out, I'm terrible. I bought 500 2 years ago. I probably still have 450 left....
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  4. Ya for internet marketing I don't think anyone would assume you would have a physical address anymore. I think Rhys has a good combination of the important elements.
  5. Thanks for the input!
    Help me made up my mind not to include address.
    My main purpose is for trade show and conference, those kinda events.
    Recently in Malaysia events organized by Google, Amazon and Facebook are becoming easier for people to access and others related seminar so on, I think it is a good place to network so I had actually signed up for a few in the last quarter. I had never been to this kinda events.
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  6. Business cards still have a place, even in the digital world, but yes, no need for a physical (postal) address these days, if people want that, they'll message you!

    Design is a tricky one - keeping it simple, but also so that it stands out and is easy to read - amazes me how many cards have tiny print.
    Simple + concise + easy to read = done.
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  7. Just curious... where have you all purchased business cards? I've been hearing people recommend Moo cards. Although in the past it seems Vista Print was popular because they're so cheap.
  8. Avoid vista print. Moo are brilliant.

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  9. To expand: If you want cheap looking business cards then obviously go with vista. Although they aren't as cheap as they seem by the time you finalise your card for print.

    Moo have clear pricing, focus on quality and have great UX as standard. I've used them loads and keep going back.

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  10. I do use Vistaprint. Meh :D
  11. Haha, you should try mom!
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  12. ...moo even!
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  13. I used SoloPress and would definitely use again. They were really cheap and delivered the cards to my door in less than 24 hours.
  14. That was fast!
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  15. A business card is an companies best friend and most important marketing tool. This is the best tool through which you can advertise your companies services and products.:)
    Your business card-
    1.should best describe your company
    2. should be creative
    3. should be of good quality
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