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Can You Have Too Many Links On Your Home Page?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. I am looking to change the home page of my blog a little so that I direct people to more tutorials and featured articles that are being lost in my archives.

    My idea is to display columns of links to these articles. Hopefully, this will direct more visitors to better content on my website.

    From an SEO point of view, will linking to these articles from the home page improve their standing in search engines?

    Can a home page have too many links on the home page or does it simply dilute the internal link juice that is passed to links referenced on the page?

  2. I don't think so. I'm not too big on "Internal Link Juice", more from a UX standpoint.

    If the links make sense, then they should be on the home page.
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  3. I know affiliate links on the homepage has been a no-no in the past in terms of SEO and triggering a Google penalty.

    Not sure about internal links on the homepage. I think there would be some sort of watering down if you are doing it for ranking purposes?

    If you are trying to rank those internal pages, one approach that works is to use the skyscraper or pillar technique and link from related content on your site to one central article.
  4. I think the site structure is really important, but internal linking is ok :) I found Yoast's ebook on SEO helpful in that sense.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I'm not trying to rank those pages per say. The main focus is to direct users to my content better. Obviously, if this helps SEO, it is a bonus.
  6. I think internal links from the homepage is fine for Seo, but there appears to have been a limit. Apparently Matt cutts said there was a limit of 100 links from any given page in 2009, now he says, do less than 100.

    Taking SEO into consideration, a page cannot pass 100% of its PR, but more capped at 85%

    Check out this : moz.com/blog/how-many-links-is-too-many its pretty decent info.
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