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Can You Use More Than One Visual Page Builder At A Time?

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Tim Elliott, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hello all. I'm new here, and I'm looking forward to learning my way around.

    In the comments for Kevin Muldoon's helpful aThemes post comparing Visual Composer and Beaver Builder, someone asked about activating both Visual Composer and Beaver Builder for the same site.

    I have a new site that a designer started with VC, but it’s loading pretty slowly. (I haven’t started troubleshooting the slow loading time yet - it could be related to the DreamHost shared server, the unoptimized images, or many other usual suspects.)

    Should I leave the existing VC infrastructure activated and build all future pages and content with Beaver Builder? Or should I deactivate VC now and use Beaver Builder for the rest of the site? Or is there a different visual page builder in favor these days? I see conflicting opinions about the latest Divi offering.

    In the same comments section, there are some references to perils of deactivating visual page builders (e.g., shortcodes, clean-up, lost formatting). For instance:
    "Visual Composer is not a bad plugin, but it does wrap all your content in short codes that essentially makes it unreadable if you turn the plugin off. With Beaver Builder, if you turn the plugin off, every bit of your content remains without a single shortcode in sight."

  2. Hi Tim.

    Great to have you here.

    Unless absolutely necessary, you don't want two page builders being used on the same website as they will step over each others toes (increased loading times, possible plugin conflictions etc).

    The most important question to ask yourself is what you are trying to achieve with a page builder.

    Are you doing something that can only be done via Beaver Builder? If so, it is probably better just to use that.

    I have used Visual Composer on many pages because it worked with a few other plugins I used, though I may change to something else in the future.

    If you are not tied to any particular page builder and just want to make pages more professionally, you should perhaps use Gutenberg as that is going to be part of WordPress.

    Be sure to start another thread about website optimisation if you want advice on that :)
  3. Thank you for the welcome and the quick response!

    I had considered replacing the VC with Beaver Builder based on your aThemes head-to-head comparison, but I'm leaning toward leaving VC in place.

    And thanks for the reminder re separate threads for separate issues. I will start another thread re optimization if the basic troubleshooting approaches don't do the trick. I mentioned it here only because I had seen references to slowdowns potentially tied to VC itself.
  4. Separate things just keep things organised and ensure that nothing gets missed when asking multiple questions.

    My blog uses visual composer. It used to be bad from a performance point of view, but they did a lot of improvements. Plus when you cache your website and use plugins like PerfMatters you can reduce any load further.

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