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CDN Provider + Lossless Image Compression

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Brian Jackson, Sep 18, 2015.

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  1. Hey everyone!

    As you might already know I took a job at KeyCDN a while back so I thought I would jump in here and do my little spiel :) We offer content delivery network services to supercharge your website. Everyone can benefit from a CDN, no matter what the size.

    What makes us different? We offer the lowest global price at $0.04/GB. You won't find a better price anywhere else. But we also focus on quality and have more POPs (locations) than most other CDN providers.

    Here is an example of pricing for a small website. Let's say you are running a WordPress blog and use around 25GB of bandwidth per month. Your cost with KeyCDN would only be $0.80 per month. Less than a dollar.

    We have 20+ CMS integrations, and yes WordPress is one of them (y). Feel free to check out my review of KeyCDN where I compare the speeds of running without a CDN and then running with one.

    Besides speeding up content delivery, we also have a premium image optimization plugin for WordPress called Optimus. Kevin actually wrote a great review on Optimus. If you are serious about lossless compression, you should definitely check it out.

    If you guys have any CDN questions or image optimization questions just let me know!
  2. Looks really good Brian.

    I just checked and my personal blog appears to use between 20 GB and 25 GB per month. A dollar sounds like a bargain.

    You seem to have a lot of locations. The main areas you are lacking is South America and Africa, though it appears you are planning on adding locations there soon.

    Also pleased to see that you guys have support for XenForo. I also saw that a colleague of yours called Mouth has written a great guide about integrating KeyCDN with Xenforo on the official XenForo forums.

    How does KeyCDN handle the changing nature of forums? For example, how does it handle threads being updated with new posts or profiles with new avatars etc. Isn't there a high chance that visitors will see an outdated cached version of a page, or does the CDN automatically recache a page when something has been changed?
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    We have a free trial Kevin if you want to give it a try beforehand. Yes, we have more locations in the works.

    My brother and I actually implemented KeyCDN into our Xenforo install at Pain Doctor (https://paindoctor.com/forum/) about 6 months ago and have had zero issues.

    Actually that article is using affiliate links, so I think it is just someone using our affiliate program :) But it is a great tutorial.

    The CDN handles Xenforo pretty much the same way it handles changes/updates on WordPress posts. Yes, there is a layer of caching in between, but updates are automatically pulled to edge server (POP) via the pull zone you setup. Unless your updating images with the exact same file names you should never have to worry about purging CDN cache.

    For example, I haven't purged my website's CDN cache in probably 2+ weeks. The only time I do is when I am updating a featured image with exact same file name. It would update automatically after cache expires, but if you want to see instant change that is the only scenario currently in which you might have to purge.

    Using CDN with Xenforo means that not only images/avatars are served from CDN but also CSS and Javascript... ensuring the fastest download times to your visitors depending on their location.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. Thanks Brian. Sounds good.

    I'm keen to give it a try. I think it could speed up Rise Forums even further which is good for everyone here.

    I will try and sort this during the week :)
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  5. Also, we just updated Optimus to version 1.4.0. We added an option in the settings to disable automatic optimization. For any premium service like this there is always a little bit of latency. This way while you are writing you can upload super fast, and then just bulk select optimize your post's images afterwards :) This is mainly for power users, or power writers.

    We also added PNG support to the free plan as you requested.
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  6. Ahhh ok. So all the optimisation will happen in the background later. That's a really good idea.

    Support for PNG images also makes the free version of the plugin much more attractive.
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