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Changing From One Domain To Another?

Discussion in 'WordPress Questions & Support' started by Heather, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. I'm not thinking of doing this, but I know someone who is. Is it hard to transfer all your files from one domain/blog to another?
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  3. If you only want to change the domain and not the hosting then do the following:

    1. Update the nameserver of your new domain with your hosting nameserver
    2. Add the new domain in your existing hosting account and point it to the directory of existing website.
    3. Now you have to finally change the domain name to the new one in every place of your website (there are many tools that will help you in this)

    Also, don't forget to remove the old domain name.

    This is a very short description, Maybe someone can expand it with detail steps.
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  4. Hey @Heather

    Changing domain doesn't have to be an issue. You won't have to move files. All you need to do is do some config changes but if you are moving from one host to the other, you will have to copy files, emails and databases to the new location. Now, the difficulty rate will depend on the site of the site to be copied.

    Recently, I moved my blog to a new host. A total of over 2gb of data had to be moved and that would have been a hell of work if I had to handle that. fortunately, my new host took care of that and under 4 hours, my transfer was 100% complete.
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  5. If you know some server administration commands and have access to ssh for both hosting, then transferring huge file is not a big problem.
    Just issue the command to gzip the files from the current server, then write a command to transfer those files directly from current server to new server.
    Long ago, when I was learning these things moved a site of 50 GB within an hour from one server to other. Now I have almost forgotten all the things becasueI never used since then :)
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  6. Thank you all! That is all very helpful. I think my friend would need to change hosts... because her current blog is a WP.com blog, and I think she'd move to self-hosted WP. So it does sound like it would be the more complicated scenario of having to move all the files... but if the new host would do it, then maybe it wouldn't be a problem. Do you think they would charge more to move the files? I guess she could inquire with the host before going through that... She could even ask them about it before signing up with them. If she had their help, and they were going to do it for free (as part of their service) then maybe it would be worth doing. She was thinking she doesn't have the money or know-how to go through that change right now.
  7. It depends on the host. Many will transfer it. Though if it's a WP.com blog there (may?) be an onboarding service provided by WP to push from .com to self hosted. I'm not sure.
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  8. Moving a blog from WP.com will most probably need paying some money to WP.com, for the redirection and if already using a custom domain name, etc.

    She'll need some a WP guy to migrate though. Not sure if web host support will do this unless you get managed WP hosting.

    I did it for a friend a couple months ago.
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  9. Thank you all! I think for now she's going to stick with her current website to save money. I can relate. That's why I haven't updated mine even though it is woefully in need of it. Well, mainly money, but time, too. That's okay. I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. :)
  10. Actually, Its not as hard as users think. :)
    Mostly hosting providers like Cloudways have their own "Migrator Plugin" on WordPress repository that will completely move your WordPress website from one hosting to their hosting.
    If you don't want to transfer all data, then there is another easier way that can be found below.
    How To Transfer Selected Data From WordPress Or WooCommerce Site
    If you need any assistance, feel free to ask. :)
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