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Changing Hosts... Anyone have advice or experience with BigScoots?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Heather, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. Hello!

    Since I'm making a new beginning, I realized the easiest thing to do is start over with a new host. I'm still doing shared hosting, and I've been trying to figure out which host to go with. It's not easy to find reliable, recent information apparently, since so many online seem solely motivated by affiliate earnings or else don't have any other host to compare them to anyway. And how they were last year may have no relationship to how they are today.

    I tried checking your blog, Kevin, and read through most of your horrible hosting experience post. Yikes, that was a nightmare. Some of what you dealt with with Synthesis reminded me of my experience about them offering me one price via emailing and billing me for the higher price, then dismissing it as okay because it was a "misprint". (They did agree to charge me the misprint price going forward, but did not refund my $20 for the current month, which is not right. I haven't pressed the issue, but I should.)

    Anyway, from that post I went over to Web Hosting Talk to try to see what I could find. That is a great resource, although mostly it's over my head.

    There I came upon some recommendations for Big Scoots. I compared their small plan with what I've got now, and it's a little more expensive but has a lot more storage and bandwidth. Also, if I'm reading it right, I could have up to five main domains, since it says it has unlimited subdomains. My current host plan has just one main domain allowed.

    Big Scoots has 10 GB of storage, 100 GB of bandwidth, up to five domains, for 7.95/month unless you do a year or two years for less. It also includes a free domain, but I don't know if that means if you don't get one you just lose out on that value, or how that works. Also I haven't searched around for a promo code either.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of BigScoots or would you like to share about any other good shared hosting providers?
  2. I don't have a huge amount of experience with shared hosting. I have more experience with VPS and dedicated hosting.

    The last shared hosting account I had was with BlueHost. I signed up with them an hour or so after they suffered outage. It was enough to persuade me to go with someone else; but they were fantastic during the whole process. They refunded my money and their support was quick and professional. If I needed to use a shared hosting account, I'd probably choose them as I know that support is quick and their prices are fair. Their basic hosting package retails at only $4.95 per month.

    I had a quick check on WebHostingTalk and there are some good reports about Big Scoots from members. Sounds like they are worth considering.

    You shouldn't need to spend a lot on hosting if you only have one small WordPress website, though it is worth remembering that shared hosting is the slowest form of hosting available. You could improve response times considerably by using a content delivery network and once your website is profitable, you should consider a better hosting solution (though I am getting ahead of myself).
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  3. I've never heard of Big Scoots. I've been through my share of hosts and would recommend SiteGround for small websites. They are reasonably priced, fast, and offer good support (live chat). Live chat is a bit of a deal breaker for me; I made the mistake of hosting one of my sites with GoDaddy, who don't offer live chat, which meant if I wanted an answer to something quickly (like 'why is my site down?!') I had to phone. It's just a hassle I would rather do with it. Much easier to fire up a live chat window (not to mention cheaper).

    PS The lack of live chat is not the only thing that sucked about GoDaddy's hosting offering, but that's a tale for another thread.
  4. Live chat is definitely something you would want to have. Opening a ticket and waiting up to 24 hours to get an answer... "ain't nobody got time fo dat" :ROFLMAO:
  5. Thanks, y'all!

    Charlie, I checked out SiteGround on WebHostingTalk, and they get good reviews there as well. I love their beautiful website! And I like that they have pictures of their support staff. It seems great. And what they provide for the price is more than the other one I was looking at. They include a free SSL certificate for a year.

    Live chat is definitely necessary for me, too. Thank you for bringing that up!
  6. I am probably going to go with SiteGround. Their services and prices seem great. It sounds like they offer good Wordpress support, which I will need as a beginner.

    Do you think I should choose the medium package? GrowBig? The GoGeek package seems like a great deal at the promotional price, but maybe I don't need that level right now since I'm just starting out. Also, I don't know what their extra features even mean, and so I don't know if they would be relevant and needful at this point or not. (Like, one-click wordpress staging and SG-GIT for Wordpress repo creation, SSD, and premium backup and restore service.)

    GrowBig is 7.95/month and GoGeek is 14.95/month.

    Kevin, I found your SiteGround article. That was helpful, too. I will use your affiliate link if those are affiliate links.
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  7. Ahh I forgot about SiteGround. They are one of the few companies that are offering dedicated WordPress support at a fair price. Let me know how you get one with them. I'd love to hear :)
  8. Sure! I hope I'll have great things to report.
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