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Changing Image Display Settings vs. Resizing them?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Joe F, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. Lets say the blog you are writing for wants images to be 600px wide.

    You create a screenshot that is 800px wide.

    You can either resize/re-scale it in Photoshop or a similar app to make it 600px wide.

    Or upload it to WordPress, and then change the display settings to display it at 600px (with the image still being 800px wide really).

    The former can result in distortion of the image, especially if it contains text.

    While the latter products better results as the image doesn't get as blurry.

    However, is it frowned upon to 'resize' images by changing their display settings in the web page/blog post?

    I know it used to be as people used to upload massive photos that were 2000x1000 and then just use HTML like img src="image.jpg" width="600" - but now is it such a big deal?

    Especially when were not working with photos, but a PNG that is only 200px smaller?

  2. I always resize images to the size that they will be displayed in. On my blog, I use 650 pixels.

    As you rightly say, uploading a larger image means that WordPress needs to reduce it, which can result in a poor quality image being displayed. Additionally, image file sizes will be smaller if you upload them at the size they will be displayed at, which means that pages will load quicker for visitors.

    Though if you are writing articles for others, ultimately, it is their call. So if they want images to be uploaded in a certain way, do that (I guess you could argue you should have some say as if the images look poor, it reflects badly on you).
  3. Yes its a tricky one. Often when taking screenshots, 600px or around that size isn't really big enough to show much of the page.

    But then resizing them in Photoshop does tend to reduce the quality a lot, especially if its text.

    It will be good when more themes embrace the larger screens that people use now, although you still have to take into consideration the growing amount of users who only access websites on mobiles!

    Only one blog I write for asks for two versions of each image: one at 700px wide and the other at 1400px wide for retina screens.
  4. That's a good compromise. You could also upload a smaller image and when a visitor clicks on the image it will take them to a larger version of the image. That's what I do when I need to display images with detail e.g. maps etc.
  5. Yes, that works well. Especially is the theme includes some way to indicate that an image is a click able link to a larger version of itself.

    Although I've been using the Monarch plugin lately to add social sharing buttons to images, and it does something funny to them where some of the right click menu, isn't displayed, and clicking the images only activates the buttons.
  6. That sounds like a potential bug if it is changing the way right-click works with the image.
  7. I think its because the buttons add an overlay to the image to display those buttons on top of the image. But then the browser doesn't think you are right-clicking on an image.
  8. I have those image sharing buttons disabled anyways so it is not a problem for me. Not sure if there is any way to keep using image sharing buttons and still make the image click towards a website link.
  9. Thanks for your information.
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