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Childish Domain Hijacking by Automattic

Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. I've been watching the domain dispute between Chris Pearson. It appears that Automattic have won the case.


    The whole thing comes across as an extremely petty move by Automattic and a childish vindictive way of getting back at Pearson after the whole GPL argument a few years ago.

    Thesis is a trademarked product that Chris Pearson created and has maintained for many years. Pearson was approached about the domain but was outbid by Automattic; who won with a bid of $100,000.

    The panel found that Automattic had not registered the domain in bad faith. Really?

    Automattic know Chris Pearson. They know his product is Thesis and they know that everyone in the WordPress community associates the name Thesis with Chris Pearson. So why have they registered the domain?

    For a company that aggressively protect the WordPress name in domains, Automattic have made a really crappy move here in my opinion. It's very hypocritical and just makes Automattic look silly.

  2. I agree totally. It's left a sour taste in my mouth this.

    Shame, because I do like Automattic as a company and they do seem to always pick on good fights. This seems extremely petty, unless Automattic are going into the premium domain name market (which I can't see happening).

    This, and a number of things in the last few weeks, has made me embarrassed being a member of the WordPress community.
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  3. I'm just finishing off an article about it. You've pretty much summed up my view on the whole thing. Automattic have really messed up here. The move was childish and pointless.
  4. I encourage you all to read Chris Pearson's blog post about this issue "The Truth About Thesis.com".

    Chris raises some things that were not clear before. Read the comments area too. There are responses from Matt Mullenweg, Chris Pearson, and important WordPress developers who are too scared to use their own name as they know Automattic will get back at them if they do so.
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  5. Jesus... it's like battle between my boys in the sanbox. The younger owns a toy, the older one has more strength to take it and they can 'fight' whole day for it.

    It's just pathetic.
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  6. I agree its a clear case between a big corporates and small stores kind of situation. With more money they try to kill a business. I am not sure what really has gone in the case nor am I any one familiar with law to know what exactly transpired due to which such a situation arose.

    But based on the facts as a layman, I can say that Thesis was a trademark before the domain was acquired. Then how come they lost the case I dont understand. Also Automattic has clearly agreed that it did redirect domain to a similar business and that too a theme business as rightly pointed out. Hence its clearly violating the trademarks. I think they know that and thats why they have tried to get the trademarks canceled.

    I think you should open up a new forum sticky post > What are the best alternatives to Wordpress and I would definitely consider using them in my next project.
  7. It obviously depends on the project, but I'd say the two main alternatives to WordPress remain Drupal and Joomla.
  8. Aaaaand now I don't care anymore.
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