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Cloudways Introduces Breeze — The Free Wordpress Cache Plugin

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Mustaasam Saleem, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Great news for WordPress enthusiasts who are looking to ditch the hassle of setting up complex WordPress cache plugins. Cloudways has launched Beta version of its WordPress cache plugin, namely Breeze.

    Breeze boasts powerful optimization features such as Internal cache, Minification, Database optimization, and GZip compression. In addition to this, Breeze provides perfect support for Varnish cache and CDN.

    The best part? Breeze is easy-to-setup and absolutely Free! And it is compatible with Cloudways servers.

    Read the full story of Breeze on this blog.
  2. Looks great Mustaasam. It's always great to see more optimisation plugins being released for WordPress.

    Have you tested the performance of Breeze against other caching solutions on the market to see how it stood up?
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  3. Hi @Kevin Muldoon

    Thanks for the words of appreciation :)

    Since Breeze is in beta, we didn't conduct any tests yet. We are constantly improving it based on user's feedback. Once, it is stable enough, we will conduct comparisons with top caching plugins.

    For now, we have seen, there are a few WordPress resources that conducted tests without our knowing :) Some of them are as below:

    1. Make Your WordPress Site 38% Faster with Breeze
    2. Breeze Free WordPress Cache Plugin – Breeze vs W3 Total Showdown
    3. A 14% Faster, Better Caching Plugin for WordPress – Breeze!
  4. Good to hear. I will check it out soon and do some tests myself :)
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  8. Thanks Mustaasam. I responded to your comment :)
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  9. Thanks @Kevin Muldoon :)
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