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Coffee Machine Espresso

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by vkala, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Thank you Heather, I truly appreciate your help. I will correct it now...

    Kevin - As always appreciate your help. I am planning to create some articles (blog posts, video reviews) shortly.
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  2. Heather - You are awesome... thank you for your help. I have updated the About Us page.
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  3. #23 Heather, Oct 15, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
    You're very welcome! :) I'm glad I could help.

    Now just remove the comma after "product listings"...

    And then this needs to be reworded: I sincerely appreciate your comments will and help serve you better.

    Maybe...I sincerely appreciate your comments as they will help me serve you better.

    Oh! And do you think you should do that thing where people write out the email like this to avoid spam? support (at) coffeemachineespresso (dot) com?
  4. Awesome, I have corrected it. Appreciate your help Heather.

    Have a nice day.
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  5. Hi Kevin,

    Please review the webmaster google index .... as you can see from the image. There are more than 500 URLs Google could not access because they are blocked in your robots.txt file. How do I know these URLs are good or bad, whether it has be blocked or unblock.

    Please share your thoughts.

  6. I saw that your robots.txt file blocks a lot of areas of your website; such as the admin area, themes, plugins etc. If you recently updated your robots.txt file with these exclusions, then the increase in blocked URLs should be caused by that.

    However, I'm not sure if Google provides a report that explains exactly what URLs were blocked. Anyone else know if they do?
  7. Thank you Kevin. Hope someone will show some insight about it.
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  8. You don't need to block this:
  9. Hi Kris,
    Can I know the reason to include them in the robots file. Appreciate your help.
  10. Kris is saying that there is no reason to block them.

    Some people believe that blocking things such as the feed can improve SEO; though I have seen nothing to suggest that is true.
  11. Ok I understand... thank you Kevin.
  12. Now I changed the attribute to Allow.
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