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Complaints About Emails Being Sent

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. I unfortunately receive a lot of spam. It's a big pain in the ass.

    Website owners and companies also contribute to this. When I review a product or service and need to create a test account, the company adds my email address to their email marketing campaigns without my approval. This really annoys me as I did not give my consent to being signed up to their campaign.

    However, if I have worked with them before I simply unsubscribe and don't report them as spam or complain.

    With the general spam emails I receive that I have no association with, I complain and report them as spam.

    As someone who uses email every day, I understand the frustrations it can cause. Perhaps that is why I never take advantage of people when it comes to email marketing.

    I have never used any cheap ways of enquiring email addresses. Every single person who signed up to my email list on my personal blog did so through their own choice.

    Despite this, I do occasionally get the odd complaint.

    This annoys me as every email that is sent includes a prominent link that lets them unsubscribe. Despite this, some people choose to complain about receiving an email from an email list they signed up to. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this is that I rarely send emails. Other marketers are sending emails multiple times per week and I am lucky if I send one every two months.

    Do any of you guys experience this too?

    I realise it's just part and parcel of email marketing, but it still annoys me that people complain to email lists they chose to sign up to.

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  2. Really this is pain. If I remember I never subscribed to any blog or company till date but still I get around 20-30 email per day. For this reason I have started using disposable email address whenever it required, I use a different email for all third party login and signup and I keep my personnel email to connect only those people whom I trust.
    I wish there were any email service provider which only allow receiving mail from allowed list of emails :)
  3. It is a difficult thing to get balanced. If the email filter is too strong, legitimate emails will be caught in it. You sometimes need to be notified about something, but signing up to be notified about an update does not mean that you want to sign up to an email list.

    A lot of email marketers are ruining it for everyone as they look at it that as soon as they have the email address they can use it.
  4. I've only sent 4-5 newsletters to my small list. And everyone signed up themselves, and downloaded my free e-book.

    Yet, each time I sent the short and useful newsletter, 2-5 people not only unsubscribed, but 2-3 of them reported it as spam.

    Yes, I've seen and been frustated by the 3 emails a week by some marketers. Much more like spam. I unsubscribe when someone sends a lot of emails each week.

    This could be the problem in your case as well as in mine. As we rarely send emails, they forget that they ever subscribed to our list. But, in my case I can understand as it's many months at times. In your case, it's just 15-30 days. That's strange. Probably that's why the marketers who send many emails per week do it.

    At first I felt bad, but yes, as you say, it's part of the parcel. Even the ones with big mailing lists experience this, I heard from someone.
  5. If you never subscribed to any service, then you should not get any spam, theoretically. But, you also have your email address on your website. That's how spammers may have got it. Another reason could be, if the email address is a common name.

    There actually ARE some services that allow only white-listed addresses to send us e-mail and reject anyone not on the list. You can maybe try boxbe.com. But I've read some people having problems with it.

    There's a paid service called sanebox.com. Try it. They have a 14 days' free trial I think.
  6. Yes there is a risk of people forgetting they signed up if you do not email them regularly. I may add a note to all future emails noting that "You are receiving this email because you signed up to my email list at KevinMuldoon.com" or something to that effect. This will hopefully remind people why they are being emailed.
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  7. That may or may not work. I have such a note in the footer of each newsletter since day one. People mostly ignore these. Maybe, something like this will work: "You {insert name here}, signed up at {website} from {IP address} on {insert sign up date and time}. If you don't want to continue reading, you can unsubscribe by clicking here."

    Neville Medhora of kopywritingkourse puts the time needed to read his newsletter emails as the first sentence in his emails, and asks to immediately unsubscribe if someone doesn't like to read it.
  8. Unfortunately I get WAY too much spam. It is pretty crazy because I get usually over 75-100+ spam emails per day. Some of this is because I own a lot of domains that I invest in and sell and the marketers get my email from the whois information. I can go private registration but that usually results in fewer inquiries about buying the domain.

    Lately I get 10-20 a day just for so-called SEO experts that are trying to sell me their "Unbelievable" SEO service or the so-called designers who want me to pay them to redesign one of my sites. They all have the exact same pitch/message but they all have different names that they send it under.

    In the last 6 months or so the amount of spam email I receive has gone through the roof, it's crazy and a waste of my time. :(
  9. It seems overboard of Neville to do that, but I understand why he did if a lot of people were complaining and he was getting labelled a spammer.

    These same SEO companies email me every week asking if they can submit a guest post. That seems to be their main strategy for boosting the rankings of websites.
  10. totally agree, I'm fed up of spam, especially on emails I've set up on my domain in which I have never used, but they've acquired them via software such as ninjaoutreach. Huge spoilers to those pitching in an email with a very personal approach.
  11. Unbelievable.

    Someone signed up to the newsletter on one of my websites. An automatic email was sent to them confirming their subscription....and they completed. WTF. Why would someone sign up to a newsletter and then complain about the confirmation email?
  12. Strange people exist on this planet, man.

    I keep getting a LOT of spam from 3-4 of my own addresses. ALL of them land into the spam folder, that's okay because they're from spammers.

    This does affect me using those addresses, though.

    BTW, talking about mailing providers, I found Aweber to be the worst. Why? For many, many months, someone kept sending me an e-mail newsletter which I kept unsubscribing. Then, I complained to them. They said that they had blocked me from receiving this guy's newsletter. They really didn't do this but kept saying this to me. I still kept getting his spammy e-mails.

    So, after 7-8 months, I threatened Aweber support of dire consequences (writing a bad review of them), if they did not stop this guy from sending me the spammy newsletter. From that day I never got the newsletter, BUT, I also never got any newsletter from anyone using Aweber. In fact, if I tried to signup with any of my already subscribed newsletter blogs, I got an error that my e-mail address had been blocked.

    This proves that Aweber cares for their spammy but long-time paying customers, rather than who get spam from their customers.
  13. I was an Aweber customer for a few years but I always found their interface terribly slow. I'm not sure how you were getting those emails if you had unsubscribed. That's bizarre.
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