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Confused: Which Theme For Fast Load And Great Seo?

Discussion in 'WordPress Themes' started by RussellAdvance, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. Answer: It depends on what type of website you want and business that you have. (... and now a little more detail ...)

    I am largely a novice at this. I have a small law office, and we offer consumer bankruptcy services. I have an existing Wordpress business website (Genesis Framework - http://robert-russell.com/ ). It's been up and doing fine/great for more than two years. I am retaining this site. I am creating a new Wordpress website that will act as a complimentary site to the existing site.

    Genesis Again? I would be more than happy to just create the new site using Genesis. However, researching the latest info for "fast loading" and "SEO friendly" websites, I come up with fast options such as H-Code, Schema, and others that seem to be quite a bit faster than Genesis.

    Speed Confusion: Articles like the following show Genesis with a "performance" grade of 94/100 - which sounds great - but only 72/100 in speed. https://athemes.com/collections/fastest-wordpress-themes/ Maybe speed is not everything? It seems that "correct" is the reasonable answer. BUT, what things are more important than speed? More broadly, can I just choose a super fast theme and let the website programmer create what I want from the tools made available by the theme? Maybe not all themes can be made into what I am looking for? Maybe they can but sometimes is not worth the trouble? Maybe the speed of the H-Code/Schema etc is the result of few features to get in the way, i.e., they are not feature rich OR if you add features they slow down to Genesis speed, etc....? Why not just pick H-Code/Schema and have the developer do the work? Heck, "Socially Viral" gets a 100/100 on speed, but that does not seem like a logical fit for what I want (nor could it be tweaked into what I want and retain the speed?).

    So, now I know just enough to be dangerous...... and I am only marginally closer to making a decision. I need help making a decision. I am sure that I am missing important factors.

    New Site Info: As noted, it's a small law office website. It will be a simple site. I want the new site to be of a different style, more wide open space than my current site. Call to action elements will include the usual 'call us', 'make an appointment' (using vCita), and some usual options. I do little to no e-commerce through the website. Basically, the site would be a simplified version of my current site: http://robert-russell.com/ Note: My website host is specialized for Wordpress sites.

    INPUT: I suppose I might be looking for input such as, "H-Code/Schema is fast, but it won't do what you want it to do." or "H-Code/Schema is fast when it is tested but if you change it as noted then it might slow way down." or "H-Code/Schema is fast, but it has very few plugins and/or little support." You get the idea.

    Help. :) I'd appreciate any insights including any referrals to others that I might be able to hire for information on this subject.

  2. Oh, and I am new to RiseForums! :)
  3. Hi Russel, welcome to Rise Forums :)

    If you're looking for decent, fast and SEO ready theme, take a look on https://mythemeshop.com/themes/
    Our friend @Brian Jackson is using it on his blog, I guess he can't be wrong ;)
  4. Hi Russell.

    Welcome to the forums.

    I've jumped around many different designs over the last ten years and keep coming back to Genesis.

    With regards to SEO, you need to be careful and not listen to the marketing material that is out there. I have reviewed many WordPress plugins and themes that proudly boast they are optimised for SEO and they broke every SEO rule in the book.

    Speed can be a funny thing. I've had themes which were 2MB in size only reduce to close to 1MB after caching and other optimisation techniques and a theme that had a page size of 4MB shrunk down to 0.5MB. It all comes down to all it's coded, bloat, etc.

    I'm not a developer, but I have written a lot of articles about performance and you would be surprised how many of the WordPress products that are known for being fast are getting beat by lesser known themes.

    It's also worth remembering that some of the framework style barebones WordPress themes don't offer many features. It's a difficult balancing act as the more functionality and widgets etc you add to your website, the more it is likely to slow down.

    In the end, I believe the only thing you can do is test the theme and then optimise it and see how it performs. That lets you see whether the theme is right for you or not.

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