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Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Heather, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. Hey, there!

    I'm not 100% sure this goes here, but it seems to fit pretty well I think.

    I'm thinking of signing up for a CRM service... I'm trying Pipedrive because they look good, and their lowest cost is lower than others from what I've seen. And they have all of these integrations that I might use, like mailchimp and google calendar.

    A friend of mine recommended Highrise, and I started looking around online and found this...

    Just wondering if any of you have any experience with these or what system you use for keeping track of your clients/customers/potential customers... I've heard one can use Evernote, and of course there's paper, but I think this kind of software would make it easier, actually.
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    There are tons of good CRM services.

    Salesforce is the #1 but has a steep learning curve, and too many options. Confusing. It's possible to get a free version but it intimidated me.

    Highrise seems good and decently priced, also has a free option. But, Pipedrive may be sufficient for you, with its modest features. Kanban style boards seem nice. Clinchpad is similar but 1/4th the price of Pipedrive. Basic on features, though. Does Pipedrive have an option for exporting the contacts as CSV?

    I had signed up with Insightly, it's easy to use. Have tried a few more, like Zoho and a few others, but I like Insightly.

    Evernote and paper aren't good in this regard but something is better than nothing.

    Using a simple Excel/Google docs sheet and using colors for marking different kinds of clients/prospects would be fine when starting.

    This is how you go:

    You can have the different columns named: Sr. No., Name, Company, Title, Phone, Email, Website, Address, Source, Notes.

    The Source is a dropdown with these options: Referral, Newsletter, Event, Other. You can add more sources.

    You can also have status and activity columns.

    The Status column can have a dropdown with options: Decision, Negotiation, Won, Lost, etc.

    The Activity column can have a dropdown with options: Call, Email, Meeting, etc.

    You can also use color instead of the status and activity options, to make them stand out.

    Once you get more than a couple clients, and they keep increasing, you'll want to switch to a CRM.
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  3. I may just stick with a spreadsheet for now... I just haven't had time to play with and learn Pipedrive. So much going on. But it does look really good. I still have more time in my free trial, so we'll see. (It's a 45 day free trial.)
  4. Spreadsheet should be fine unless we get lots of new clients.

    Try cinchpad, it's free, pricing is much lesser, easier and with less options.
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  5. The good thing about the apps is having it automate email reminders to follow up with people.
  6. Try Streak for Gmail. It's free. It connects with your Gmail account and it's pretty awesome. I used it for almost a year before I took up a 9-5 job.
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  7. I will look into that. I'm curious about it.
  8. Streak is definitely a good option for freelancers, but I didn't like the permissions it had for my inbox. I've never read anything bad - just personal preference.

    You can also just use Gmail labels for a slightly more low-tech solution. Keeps everything organized, though I guess you lose the automation part.

    If you're just freelancing, I'm not sure you need as detailed a CRM system. I get by with a combination of gmail labels and todoist for follow-up reminders.
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