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Cryptocurrency Is Here. Why Don't You Care?

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by enstine, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,
    I have been away for over a year now. During my absence, I went into cryptocurrencies. I have made and lost money. That's how it is but quite frankly, I have made more money, and still making more.

    The industry is new, challenging and facing institutional and legislative oppositions. But that's just normal because some idiots want to keep ruling the world. Nevertheless, this is time for a change, thanks to the power of the people and blockchain technology.

    The most exciting thing I have noticed on Riseforums is the addition of the Cryptocurrency Category. @Kevin Muldoon has posted quite some number of posts but with almost no one responding. Statistically, you guys are reading but no one is saying anything.

    While I love the idea and strongly approve and encourage its addition to this awesome forum, I'd like to know why you are indifferent. Why don't you care? Take a look at the Cryptocurrency Category. It's almost like we are in church where the preacher alone gives a sermon and the congregation only listens.

    Don't you believe in it or is it just so confusing and difficult?
  2. Hey Enstine.

    A lot of people are still reluctant to get involved. Some people still view it as gambling and some people still think it is all hype.

    We are a few years away from cryptocurrency being adopted on a large scale, so it makes sense to get in early.

    What coins have you been investing in?

  3. You are right @Kevin Muldoon about people still watching from behind the fence. But as we all know, it's here to stay. Some cryptocurrencies may soon die out but I believe utility tokens based on solid projects will be ruling the world.

    I'm very much into ICOs, holding some ETHOS, IFT, ADA, POWR, ADA, QSP, IOTA etc. Very little of day trading but more of long term investment. And you?
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  4. I am back and I am also involved in it. NIce to see you guys starting separate section for cryptos. I was thinking of starting a entire new forum or blog on blockchain and crypto..but stuck with reading TA
  5. Hey @Sanjay Ojha ,good to here we are into to this together. I do write about these on my blog as well but starting a dedicated platform is something I'm not morally prepared for. If you finally do, I'd like to be a contributor.
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  6. I've stayed away from ICOs as so many have been found to be pump and dump schemes.

    I've been mining coins I think I have a good future. I've held over a dozen coins, but I've been selling some to buy more of coins I like such as Bitcoin Private etc.

    My goal this year is to build up a good portfolio which has many different coins.
  7. Hey @Kevin Muldoon , you are right about many ICOs being pure waste of time. However, some are pretty good project like ETHOS, CARDANO, POWERLEDGER, etc. You just have do do a lot of research and once you are able to locate a good project backed by a powerful team, you can always make good gains.

    Yes mining is the sure way to steadily grow your income if you the required harsh power to generate profit. Are you on the Genesis mining platform?

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