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Cutomizable Forum Tools

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Reno F., Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Good day everyone! I hope you all are doing great.

    I'm working with this idea of creating a tool for writers and role players to create their stories in a collaborative manner. Writers call it 'collaborative narrative' while role players usually call it play by post.

    Basically the tool would allow you to create a story repository where you would be able to split it into story arcs and chapters, with a different section for each of the other story elements (characters, locations, etc).

    Many of you might be thinking that a forum software is what I am looking for (and so do I, hence I'm opening the thread here!). Yet, I wouldn't want the website to have the forum look that you instantly recognize when you see one. I'd like the user to feel from the design and layout that he is indeed reading a story thread, rather than a discussion thread.

    I've played with SMF a little today but I couldn't get much from the themes. The self-hosted-only Proboards seems to be 'fully customizable' but I'm yet to test it.

    Eventually, I'd like to monetize it by adding a premium membership with some unlockable perks.

    Can you share some light?
  2. If you are thinking of going commercial and profiting from it by charging members etc, I would recommend going with a premium forum software such as Invision Power Board, XenForo (that's what this forum uses), or vBulletin.

    A lot of the newer forum scripts I've seen have adopted a minimal approach. That's great in some ways, but they never seem to have an active developer community that is creating solutions.

    I would recommend looking at those forum scripts to start off. Be sure to look at all the default features and add-ons available that are related to you charging members and unlocking perks etc.

    Most of them allow you to limit permissions and access etc on a user group basis and then charge to upgrade, though many things are not available for default. For example, I had to install an add on in order to charge members to register (this is primarily an anti-spam measure as nothing else would stop spam).

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  3. Hey Kevin, thank you for the reply. Now that you talked about, i really think that going with a premium forum would be the right thing to do. I spent some hours trying them out, already, and they seem to be fully customizable. btw, did you customize riseforums by yourself or had it outsourced?

    After I solidify my business plan I might get in touch with their support before signing up.

    Your help is very much appreciated, thanks!
  4. I customised Rise Forums myself. Well, kind of.

    I have installed a lot of add-ons and a premium theme. I am the person who has done all that, though I didn't create all of those scripts myself. I simply install all those products and make sure everything plays nice together.

    Glad you found it useful. Be sure to ask if you are unsure about anything else.
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