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Dailydocumentaries.com - An Online Documentary Video Platform

Discussion in 'Review My Website' started by Daily, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Hi.

    I am developing an online documentary video platform where you can watch documentaries all collected in one place.

    You can see it here: www.dailydocumentaries.com

    The current hosting server is not superfast so please overlook the speed for now.
    More documentaries are added daily.

    What kind of constructive feedback do you have for functions as well as design and layout?

    Best regards
  2. Great idea for a website.

    The layout is fine in my opinion. Categories on the left, popular videos on the right. It works well. It allows people to jump around different documentaries easily.

    The first things that sprung to mind when I visited your website were:
    • The logo needs to be improved. A CCTV symbol suggests a surveillance website, not a documentary website. Additionally, the writing is too small to read. I would get a more professional logo designed.
    • Integrate social media sharing links above or below the video embedding position. You need to give people an easy way of sharing videos with friends etc
    • Likewise, you need more social media profiles. In addition to Facebook, add a Twitter profile link and a Google+ profile link. Automatically publish new videos to these accounts.
    Also, please use your real name. You will be able to connect with people better if you introduce yourself as a real person instead of DailyDocumentaries :)

  3. Thanks Kevin, great feedback.
    I'll look into these things.
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  4. Best change you could make is to set your Categories sidebar to fixed positioning, so that when you scroll down through the categories you don't necessarily scroll the video out of view.
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