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Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Heather, Apr 23, 2016.

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  1. Hello,

    So I'm thinking about switching to Divi soon... because I DO want to get my website looking better. But I have some questions...

    like, Kevin, you're still with Studiopress, right? I'm curious about why since I know you're really familiar with Divi, too. At least, I think you are.

    And can I make my header look better easily with Divi?

    And do you think it will be extremely time-consuming to re-set up my website? (I know you can't really know this, but just what do you all think...?)

    Thank you!
  2. I went back to Genesis because I couldn't decide what new theme to use. I was familiar with Genesis and wanted something that worked well with Visual Composer so it is a good transitional theme for me to use at the moment.

    At the moment I am happy with it, but I will probably get back to choosing a new design soon.

    Is it time-consuming to set up a new website design?

    It can be, but it depends.

    If you see a WordPress theme and it does exactly what you need then it will not take long for you to set it up.

    As versatile as an all-in-one theme can be, you do sometimes have to spend some time configuring it to get the design you want, but it's time that is worth investing if you get the website you want at the end of it.

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    It's a very nice theme, easy to use, but it's not good for blogs (subjective opinion). It's heavy and your site will be slow, like very slow. I setup Divi webistes like 3-4 times per week, but mainly for small business websites (estimated traffic around 10-50 visits per day).

    If you need some magic with Genesis, let me know ;)
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  4. I'll keep that in mind for sure. :)
  5. Is Divi still slow after caching?

    It is a theme I thought about using for my own blog so I'm curious as to how it performs after the website has been cached.
  6. Actually, most multi-usage themes end up with a lot of code, which then affects both speed and sometimes, other plugins :) I'm working part time for a WordPress plugin company, and some of the support requests are due to javascript conflicts that these heavy themes bring :(
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  7. It's super heavy after 2.7 update, builder doesn't work if you have Revolution Slider installed, sometimes images can't load.
    They need to do huge optimization process, I think it needs it more than new features. There is no way to disable many things and it generates high number queries.
  8. That's disappointing to hear. Generally speaking, the more features a product has, the more heavy it becomes. Has the issue with Revolution Slider been resolved?

    I actually spoke with Nick from Elegant Themes recently about Divi. I will bring this up with him as he probably doesn't realise the extent to which this is concerning customers.
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  9. Wow, that doesn't help :( Oh well, perhaps they need to buy over the Gonzalez plugin and do selective loading based on page or content? I'm sure there's a smart way to program things around.
  10. To be honest it's no issue for me so far, because I'm using Divi for low traffic websites. For other I rather choose few faster from TF, but sometimes after update they also become slower and slower :)

    If I must make fast and good looking website I charge 5-10 times more and build custom Genesis child theme with all fireworks.

    In the end, speed is relative, because even if I do the coding quite well and with few queries etc, clients are very often uploading images 5000x4000px... :) so there is no point to optimize it at all. Just waste of money.
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  11. I have set up a few websites using Divi - Including my own. It is really easy to use and creates a good looking website, but I do experience the image loading problems sometimes. I guess it depends of the function of the site and what you are trying to achieve:

    Is Divi good for:
    Business / Service site - Yes
    Shop - not so much
    Blog - not really

    Off course plugins help but its always nice to have a dedicated theme for your objectives.
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