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Do You Accept Guest Posts?

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by enstine, May 29, 2018.

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  1. I started accepting guest posts on my blog some few months back so if you are blogging in the WP, blogging, SEO and make money niches, feel free to submit to my blog.

    I also want to be given a chance to post on other blogs in related niches. Do you accept guest articles on your blog?
    Thank you
  2. I do, but to be honest I am extremely picky. I usually have to have had a relationship with the author before beginning (although I do participate in the odd guest post exchange).
  3. I charge for guest posts. I've found that this is the best way to handle the situation.

    I get guest post requests every single week. Of the last 1,000 requests to guest post, I can count on one hand how many were actually from aspiring bloggers. They are nearly all from SEO companies who are charging clients hundreds of dollars or paid writers who have been hired by SEO companies.

    Frequently, someone will say that they haven't been hired by anyone to write a guest post, but when I say I have to remove all the unrelated links they added to the article because they aren't even remotely relevant, they normally say they will just use the article elsewhere.

    My guestimate is that when I tell people they have to pay for a guest post:
    • 50% don't reply to my message
    • 30% come back and say they only have a budget for $50 or less (even when their company publicly states they charge clients hundreds of dollars for articles on blogs etc)
    • 10% come back with the worst article ever written and I reject it
    • 5% say they will pay to have a guest post published and then back out near the end
    • 4% actually submit an article and I then need to spend an hour editing it because it's garbage
    • 0.9999% submit an article that's ok
    • 0.0001% are legitimate aspiring bloggers who want to guest post to raise their profile, but most don't end up submitting an article anyways and have still wasted my time
    I generally have a zero tolerance with time wasters now as my time is limited. When they come back with ridiculous propositions and suggestions I either say "Thank you but no thank you" or just ignore their replies.

    Time is money and the vast majority of these people asking to guest posters are looking to use your blog to generate money by linking to advertisers who have paid them.
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