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Do you have an example of XenForo integrated in a wordpress blog?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Sakthi, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    Its been a while since I have logged into Rise Forums. (Hi @Kevin Muldoon, hope you are doing good). Well, the good news is, during this time, my blog gained a good amount of traction. Last year my blog received about 43 000 unique visitors (with 70,000 views).

    I have been researching about ways to bring in a community aspect into my blog. Forum seems to be a good way. And when I think of a forum, the first thing I thought of is 'Rise Forum', mainly due to the user interface experience I have had here and the fact that I always get atleast one or two good replies (usually from Kevin & some senior members). Anyways, I did a bit of googling about XenForo and most of the examples I have seen are exclusive forums with no blog attached to it.

    So, I am wondering whether integrating XenForo into an existing Wordpress blog (ideally having "Forums" as a primary menu option) works well? If yes, do you have any examples?

  2. Hi Sakthi.

    Great to hear from you again buddy.

    That's great your blog is doing well.

    With regards to integrating Xenforo with WordPress.

    Can it be done - Yes.

    Should it be done - In my opinion, no.

    When two scripts need to work together, such as forum software and blogging software, you need what as known as a bridge to get them working. I used bridges many times in the past (first used them in the early 2000s) and saw many bridges released for forum applications such as vBulletin and XenForo.

    In my experience, bridges cause many more problems than they resolve.

    You have two major pieces of software who work in different ways. The main thing the bridge needs to do is update the user database. That is what the bridge normally focuses on. The bridge will typically try and make some connection between the two user tables. Another thing that developers try and do is integrate comments. One of the most popular ones being to use the forum as a commenting system. This has the added benefit of driving more traffic to your forum.

    In the short-term, bridges can work well. However, if there is one thing that is consistent with all the bridges I have seen released, it is that they are rarely supported for a long time. With two applications working in different ways and the core software being updated regularly for both platforms, the developers need to constantly tweak their bridge in order for it to keep working. Eventually, the bridge gets updated less and the developer just drops the project.

    Just about every bridge I have ever seen has been dropped a year or so later.

    Due to this, I would always avoid against using a bridge as there will come a point where it will stop working. And this can cause be a severe pain in the ass if your website depends upon it working.

    Take a step back and think about whether you actually need Xenforo to integrate with WordPress.

    I believe that very few projects actually need this to happen. They don't need everything to be centralised.

    Look at how hosting companies do it. They keep their forum software, billing software, and customer support software, separate (generally speaking).

    Most website owners will be content with simply making everything seem consistent. What that means is that you need to use the same header for your forum and blog (and possibly use the same footer too). This reminds the user they have not left your website and ensures everything feels like it is the same software.

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  3. Great advice! Thank you @Kevin Muldoon . I understand that keeping the brand identity (e.g. header and footer) same while using different software makes things simpler. But I am looking at a fully integrated platform like SteadyHealth.com that has articles, discussions, Q&A section etc all integrated under one user login. Let me ask this question in a separate thread under "Website Development" category.
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