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"Don't" in songs

Discussion in 'Proofreading, Translation & Copy' started by Diego, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm really curious why "don't" is accepted for the third-persons (e.g.: "It don't matter if you're black or white" by Michael Jackson) in songs but not when speaking. Doesn't sound bad when you (english mother-tongue) hear it? Do you ever use it speaking?
  2. Most people write in "proper" English, but if you go to any English speaking country you will find that most people use a lot of local expressions that don't follow English grammatical rules.

    "It don't matter" is not something that would ever be used where I am from. We would always use "It doesn't matter". However, we have other strange speaking habits. For example, it is common for people in Scotland to use the word how instead of why when they are asked a question.
  3. Kevin, will you give an example of this how/why thing? Interesting...

    And Diego, in America, saying "It don't matter" is not correct, but it is a common part of a dialect that many people speak. Another example is, "He don't care..." etc... It's not an educated way to speak, but plenty of people here do speak that way, generally people of lower socioeconomic status.

    I would never say that, no.
  4. For example,

    Man: "I'm not interested in going to go out tonight?"
    Woman: How? What's wrong?
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  5. Interesting, thanks. But then I'm even more curious, why Michael Jackson wrote something recognised (almost globally as I see) as dialect? Doesn't sound funny??
  6. It is very common for artists to write lyrics in the way they speak (rap is probably the best example of this).
  7. Probably because it fits the tune. I think if the tune allowed it, "doesn't" would've been used....
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  8. Yes, Michael Jackson probably grew up talking this way, at least in some circles.

    And yes. It fits well in the song.
  9. I'm afraid this song is going to get stuck in my head.
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