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Email Service Provider that does not require double opt-in

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by mthompson, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Hi:

    I am having an issue with finding an Email Service Provider who will email to our list and I am hoping to get some recommendations on who we can use. We have a list of approx 50,000 customers who purchased products from us. I wish to email these customers with new special offers we may have, etc. None of these customers "double opted-in" to our list and that's where the issue is. The US based ESP's won't allow us to send to our database as they are not double opted-in, even though they are ALL actual customers who have purchased from us.

    Can anyone recommend an ESP that does not require double opt-in. I believe a NON-US based ESP is probably the best.

    Please let me know your recommendations

    Thank you,

  2. I use GetResponse and do not use double opt-in. As soon as people sign up to my newsletter, they are signed up.

    However, it isn't clear whether you are even using single opt-in. It sounds like you are simply emailing 50,000 customers because you have their personal details. That does not mean they have opted in to receive emails regularly.

    I can therefore understand why a company would not want to take you on as if you send out an email blast to 50,000 people who did not agree to receive emails, the email provider is going to get a lot of those recipients marketing the emails as spam. This can greatly affect the delivery rate for the email provider, which in turn affects all of their customers.

    Have you considered self-hosting your email solution to manage tracking etc?

    You could then send emails using an email service such as MailJet, SendGrid, MailGun, or Amazon SES.
  3. I thought Mailchimp allow single opt in? Unless they've changed recently.

    But yeah: single opt-in is bad.
  4. Yes, we have their personal details, given by them during the checkout process. But all these providers state in their anti-spam policy that it is acceptable to send promotional emails to persons with whom you had prior business relationships, in the last 2 years (at some providers, this varies to less or more).

    Also, we looked carefully to meet their set limits on bounce rates and spam complaint rates, and we were generally ok with that.

    We also tried using self hosted tools, like sendy, set up with Amazon SES and Mandrill, but they suspended our accounts after a short while without any explanation, even though we met their initial requirements.

    We don't really want to send out emails from our server, to have to look after the reputation, building trust, etc etc.. we would prefer to have this service from a 3rd party who would know what's the best thing to do and manage all this for us.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. It's strange that all of those services suspended your accounts. My guess is that the bounce rate was very high when you did sent out a mailing (though I'm only guessing).

    I am not aware of other self-hosting tools that allow you to send emails. Would it not be worth examining why your accounts were suspended and then trying to meet their requirements. You never know, it could be something simple such as a notice being missing from your newsletter to unsubscribe.
  6. If you have a customer's email from a purchase, realize they did not give you permission to market them in other ways. Although may see some success from this, overall, they will feel like it's useless junk and through it into the spam folder. Thus, being banned from ESPs.

    My suggestion -> Send one email to those that have bought, telling them about your newsletter and allowing them to opt-in to the list.
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  7. Hey @mthompson have you checked mandrill.com ? You may have someone develop a solution using their API.
  8. i think that the only way you can send emails to your list is with a VPS for email sending. so just send them an email asking to optin you new list.
    i can give you my email vps provider if you want , just send me a PM.
  9. Thank you guys for giving out your suggestions. :)
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