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Facebook Account Issue

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Soki, May 17, 2015.

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  1. I have a Facebook account that I use it separately from my personal matter, this account is specifically for buying Ads on Facebook.
    Facebook freezed the account saying that it need verification, I had sent the required documents, and it has been 2 weeks. I still can't go in, however during the lock out Facebook is still charging me for the ads campaign that was setup using the account. I know because my credit card is still being charge and Facebook still sends me receipts. And I can't turn of my campaign or do anything now since I can't log in.

    I would really want to know how can I talk contact a person, like a person person so that I can solve this issue. I have been around the help center and I can't get myself to reach them.
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  2. Thanks Heather.
    Yes, it is ridiculous, and they never response to my account verification.
  3. Do you think it would work if I email them through that page and try to explain the situation? I could pass on your email and the name of your account.
  4. Or a friend or family member? Or if you can get through with your personal account maybe you can get through to someone.
  5. Hey Heather,
    The links you shared are just like what I had been going round and round. The page doesn't have a link to email them directly, is all the common problems/FAQ, things like that. It is getting really annoying.
    If you can email them and pass on my email and name, that would help.
  6. I went through all this hassle myself. Such a pain. I have a second account that I have verified using my passport. I was forced to create a second account so that I could deactivate my main account (as I'm sick of Facebook). Despite validating the account, they periodically deactivate it and tell me I need to authorise it again. Everything is automated. I have never received an email from them, despite the fact that as an advertiser I spent tens of thousands of dollars with them.
  7. So all I can do now is wait for the automated validation to go through?
    I can't event remove my credit card, I'll have to call my bank and see if they could block all payment to facebook.
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  8. Pretty much. I have yet to receive anything other than automated responses from Facebook.

    Really sucks, which is why I have stopped paying attention to the service.
  9. I was thinking that, Soki, about you calling the bank and having them stop paying those payments to FB. If you'd like me to try, I'll be glad to, but it sounds like it might be wasted effort. (Just send me a PM with your info if you'd like me to try it.)

    I was actually thinking about doing a FB ad to try to get more readers for my blog, but the way you guys are talking makes me think maybe not. It's not good to do business with someone you can't even get in touch with if things go wrong.
  10. Heather, Thank you for the offer. I also think it would be a waste of effort. So there is not need to.

    Unfortunately, I am on free lance doing social media marketing for local businesses, so I need to finish the job I have now. Running the ads on my personal account. With Facebook like this, I doubt I'll take anymore similar free lance job.
  11. Yes, it's unfortunate. Sorry it's such a mess.
  12. Did you ever get this taken care of? My husband told me he actually did get in touch with Facebook at some point, but I'm not sure how he did it. Apparently it does happen, though.
  13. Still no response, but I have moved on. I emailed them few times and even the weeks after the validation, there wasn't a response.
  14. Hi guys, Same thing happened to me 1 year ago, Then my friend help me rent a senior business account, that account is awesome, my campaign is not stoped, The spending limit for the day was opened faster,Cost savings compared to manually run by personal accounts does not the reliability,The ability spend money quickly,Get support directly from Facebook when technical problems in the process of advertising, account issues
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