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Facebook PPC Post - TeeSpring

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Joe F, May 8, 2014.

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  1. Warning...

    Well either Facesniper found some TOS violation or something else happened... but their website is down.

    I have requested refund. The product actually was amazing... At least I got some exports for lists from closed groups that I needed for work before it shut down. Seems like everyone is moving towards http://www.socialleadfreak.com/.
  2. Yes I was just writing a review and the boom it speed working.

    I think fblead is down too.

    I think letting you extract users emails a step too far!

    Are you going to try that other one?

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  3. Are you going to try Social Lead Freak?

    You can get the three key version for $147 or unlimited keys for $247.

    Could work out not too expensive, but then if it will be going down too then not such a good deal.
  4. The developer of Facesniper recently signed up to RiseForums. I will send him an email and ask him to give us an update.
  5. Yassir had not activated his email address as yet. I have now did that for him, so he may drop by.

    In the meantime, he pointed me towards this explanation of the unfortunate situation of Facesniper:

    Dear Facesniper customers.

    It is with deepest regret that I find myself writing this letter to let you know about the current situtation and where to go from here.

    Last friday while I was working on a feature update that would let you get the attendees of Facebook events that occured in the past, I have received an email from Facebook's lawyers. It was a cease and desist letter for the Facesniper project.

    The lawyers asked me to stop the Facesniper application and to disgorge any and all revenue earned from it as it did not respect the terms of service of the social network in many ways like using the Facebook brand to make money...

    My Facebook personal account was suspended as well as all the apps that are linked to it.

    I have answered their email but they still insist on getting what they want and this is stressing me out so bad that I can barely sleep at night...

    As you may already know being a Facesniper user, unlike my competitors, I have been updating the software everytime there is a feedback from you and I have always taken the time to personnaly answer all of your support questions as fast as I could in order to ensure a pleasant experience to every one of you without charging a single dollar for updates or support.

    I have also taken care of sharing valuable information with you to help you get the most out of Facebook based on real life success stories.

    Many customers have testified that they have never had as much success with Facebook as they did using Facesniper. I couldn't be any happier everytime I read one of those testimonials. Unfortunately, it looks like Facebook does not care about your success that much. They care more about getting you to pay more than having you succeed.

    Facesniper's competitors FBLeadChef, Social Lead Freak, DataReach, AudienceMakr, FBGraphScraper, FBLeadJacker, SocialArsenal, Ulead and others have all shut down permanently. I'm not sure how they handle their relationship with their clients.

    But for me, your trust is the last thing I want to lose and now that Facebook went down on me, I haven't ran away. I'm still here but I'm in need of your support.

    Before purchasing, you have seen that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Now that Facesniper is offline, I understand that you wish to get your money back and I will honor any refund request from you. However, I would really appreciate it if you kindly showed some sympathy for my current situation by taking into consideration the following offer.

    Starting next week, I will be working on a new social media project that will allow you to automate the majority of your daily social media tasks. The system will allow you to easily collect and share quality content to your audience on your blog and all the main social networks so you can keep your audience interested, up to date and entertained without spending as much time as before. It will also include ways of monetizing your audience, no matter what niche you are working on.

    The project will of course respect the TOS of all of the social networks.

    My offer to you is as follows. If you don't request a refund for Facesniper today, I will give you early access to the new project with a plan that is equivalent to the double of what you have paid for Facesniper.

    I totally understand that even a refund will not compensate the time that I may have made you lose, but my promise to you is that I will be commited to give this next project everything I have and to over-deliver to those who would be so kind to take this offer.

    Please select the option you wish to go with below. If you wish to take this offer, please let me know if you have any feature requests that you wish me to include in this next project.

    If however you do not want to take this offer and prefer to request a refund, that is also fine. Just check the appropriate box below.

    Please also take some time to leave a comment below. I would really appreciate it.

    My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    With great respect and appreciation.


    Facesniper developer​
  6. Hello guys. Thank you Kevin for enabling my account.

    Unfortunately, Facebook has taken down all the custom audience generators or "scrapers".

    If you wish to use Social Lead Freak, you will have to create your own app then link that app ID to SLF.

    I'm currently in trouble with the Facebook lawyers so I do not encourage doing this...

    If you are a Facesniper customer, as stated by Kevin, please read the following letter: http://www.tutoblog.com/facesniper/

    Thank you.
  7. @Joe F thank you for the review.

    I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused as I myself didn't see this coming.
  8. Sorry to hear that Yassir. As someone who has wasted a lot of money on "targeted" Facebook ads that were clearly not, it is frustrating that they have targeted an application that vastly improves conversions for Facebook Ads.
  9. That's definitely true.
    Thank you for your support Kevin.
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