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Feedback on Post with Affiliate Links and Buttons?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Heather, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. My recent post about Father's Day gifts is the most affiliate link-y post I've written to date.

    I would like some feedback if anyone has a few minutes to read it. I'll let you know what I think after I hear from some of you. I don't want to influence you by saying too much.

    Thank you!

  2. Looks great Heather.

    I like the way you have shared a good tip and then recommended good products and services to buy. It's the sort of article that could rank well every Father's day.
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  3. Thank you! I added a little more to it while ago. I just wasn't sure about my layout and how well all the links would be received. I also mention Amazon a lot, but it's all totally honest... I mean, I do love Amazon and highly recommend it. I was trying to make it really useful while also including some specific gift ideas and links.

    We'll see what happens. I hope you're right and it does do well in the search engines so I can make a little money through Amazon.
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  4. Looks like a great resource, Heather. You have done a good job with the post ;).

    I think it could rank well with some marketing.
  5. Looks great Heather!

    What did you use for creating your buttons? I've thought about just creating images, but this messes things up when using a photo sharer (any other suggestions, also welcome :).
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  6. Thanks for checking it out, Jason. @Jason Quey Thanks to @Brian Jackson , I'm using Mango Buttons! :) It's a free plugin that's super easy to use. He told me about it another thread I started. (Is your last name pronounced K? Just curious.)

    Thank you, Devesh! @Devesh I probably should have gotten it written and published sooner for maximum impact. If I don't get a single purchase, I'll be a little sad.
  7. Nice article, Heather. There's one minor critique I have, and that's the switching between embedded links and buttons. For instance, your bit on Amazon prime has a number of embedded links, but no button, while your section on Ticket to Ride uses the button. I would advise to use one or the other, for consistency's sake.

    Content-wise, I'm digging the Intro followed by product listings. Have you thought about making this a multi-page post? What I'm thinking is Page 1 = Intro, and then 1 page for each Tip of yours, with navigation buttons at the bottom of each page (In addition to Previous/Next, there could be links to Tip 1: Make His Life Easier, etc.)
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  8. Last name rhymes with "play" :)
  9. @k06mars Thank you for your reply and feedback. What you said about the mixed way of doing the affiliate links is something I was also thinking, but I wasn't sure how to change the Amazon ones into the buttons, and I was just getting so over it... (tired of spending so much time on it and ready to be done). I do agree, though. I think I can just isolate the affiliate link to make the button, and it won't be that hard, so I may do that if I get a bit of time soon.

    Your idea about making it a multi-page post is intriguing. Can you show me an example of what you're talking about? What would be the benefit of that? :)

    @Jason Quey O-Quey, cool! (Get it, o-kay?) :)
  10. As I don't have any halfway decent image editor on me (that I know how to use well, anyway), this is the best I can do:


    Below the copy for each tip you would have a button to the other tip's pages. Hope this makes sense!
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  11. Thank you, Kevin! That was so nice of you to do that to show me what you mean. I really appreciate that! When you say pages, would they be static pages (like pages are pages in Wordpress) or posts? @k06mars
  12. My best guess would be to make page 1 (introduction) a post and each tip a static page...is it possible to link each tip page back to the main post?

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  13. Sure! I think I could just create those pages and then create links to them in the post. What do you think are the benefits of doing it that way instead of one long post?
  14. Personally, i get intimidated when I see long posts..."I don't have time for this! " - by separating your post into shorter bits you trick your users into reading more. Additionally, using multiple pages you'll see what tip users were most interested in, least interested in, etc, through Google analytics - i don't have to go through your entire article, I can skip straight to do it yourself gifts. If someone wants to share one tip, they can share a specific link, making new users more likely to convert with your amazon affiliate links.

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  15. Thank you! I have been thinking that my articles might be long for a lot of my readers. I don't know. Your idea makes sense though... :) Thanks again for explaining exactly what you meant. I will try to change it up soon and see how it goes.
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