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Feedio - A blogger focused alternative to Feedburner

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by Justinfromfeedio, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. As blog owners living in the world of self driving cars, 3D printing and smart phones, I feel we all deserve a service that will once and for all replace Feedburner as the go to service for subscriber management and blog promotion.

    For the last few months my partner and I have been working on a service which helps bloggers promote their personal brands and distribute their content better than anything else out there. The service is called Feedio.

    The idea of Feedio is to put the author first. Below you will see an example of a Feedio profile page. You will notice that the authors name, photo, Twitter bio and latest publications are shown on the profile.


    You will also notice the email subscription box below the author's bio. Anyone who subscribes via this field will receive all of the authors publications directly to their inbox. Below is an example of an email that Feedio sends to a subscriber when one of our authors has published a new article.


    This is very similar to how Feedburner works with one major difference. Instead of subscribing to a blog, like in the case of Feedburner, with Feedio you are subscribing to the author. This is a major benefit to bloggers because they can focus on promoting their personal brands and not trying to grow a subscriber base around their blog. Another cool benefit is Feedio users can connect an unlimited amount of sites to their profiles which means that all their guest posts will be distributed to their Feedio subscribers.

    Feedio is still in beta but more and more users are joining everyday. Moving forward we are planning on building a number of requested features from subscriber analytics, support for subscription via e-readers like feedly, subscribing via social and the freedom to customize the look and feel of Feedio emails.

    While Feedio is in beta, we will be giving all our users Feedio Premium for free for life so visit our site and enter in your email so I can set you up with an account.

    I would love to hear the communities take on Feedio and anything you feel we should add to the service.


  2. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for dropping by. It sounds like a unique service. Readers can still subscribe to individual RSS feeds, but this allows them to follow all the blogs of someone they like.

    Can the service pull in data from other sources, such as Twitter or Facebook?

    Additionally, do you have any plans of adding an auto publish feature that could sync new posts from a member's account to social media accounts?

  3. Hey Kevin,

    We are planning on integrating social more deeply into the service but I'll focus will remain on the distribution of blog posts and not on the distribution of social media posts.

    We are planning on allowing users to automatically promote their latest posts to social media.

    Do you think Feedio is a service you would be interested in using?
  4. At the moment, no, because the only blog I own is my personal blog. If I were to launch some more blogs, I would definitely test the service out for a while.

    I do write frequently for other blogs. For freelancers like myself, I believe a way to add additional URL's for guest blog posts and contributions elsewhere would be great.
  5. Having only one blog isn't a problem. Feedio is a great alternative to Feedburner or any other service you are using for collecting subscribers on your blog. I love the idea of adding a section for guest posts and other contributions, I'll add that to our list.

  6. Hey Justin! Got your tweet about this. Interested but I have a few questions first.

    Are you simply pulling everything via RSS feed? If not, are you syndicating the content and if so, are the URLs marked as canonical back to source?

  7. Since Feedburner stopped being supported, I am reluctant to send readers to any RSS service. There is always a risk that a company or service will no longer exist in a few years time. And if that happens, I could lose thousands of subscribers. Whereas the URL for my blog RSS feed will always remain the same.
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  8. Hey Brian,

    We are simply pulling everything via RSS. We save the article, author and blog info within our database and connect the author info from the RSS to a user in our system. We aren't planning on syndicating the content or even displaying it on our site. We want Feedio to be the place where anyone in the world can connect with the personalities responsible for all the great content out there.

    Right now we have subscription via email but the aim is to expand our subscription options into e-readers, services like Pocket and other common ways that people receive notifications on when their favorite authors have published content.
  9. I completely understand your concern Kevin and all I can say to that is that we aren't planning on going anywhere and will always allow users to export a list of their subscribers so they can easily move them over to a new subscription service.
  10. Brian, I just wanted to let you know that I've set you up with a Feedio account. You can check out your profile here --> http://polar-citadel-7365.herokuapp.com/@brianleejackson.

    I'm sorry about the ugly URL, we are migrating the alpha version to feedio.co soon.

    I've connected the Okay Marketing blog to our system and all of its authors will appear in our system within the next 24 hours. Once I've connected your site author to your author profile, all your Okay Marketing posts will automatically appear in your profile page and be sent to anyone who subscribes via your profile page. I'll let you know once I've done this.

    If you have any questions then please let me know.
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  11. Awesome thanks Justin! I will start playing with it once you get the URL migrated :) Looks intriguing!
  12. Looking forward to hearing your feedback. I'll let you know once we've migrated it over.
  13. I know. Though five years is an age in the world wide web. Companies get bought, sold, put on hold etc.

    It does look like a great service. Have you considered building a directory in the future too. You could display influential bloggers to follow and interesting people to follow from certain categories.
  14. Definitely, I want to even go as far as to organize the bloggers by category and recommend specific bloggers to specific readers. When we reach critical mass we will be able to see which articles are trending within our network and this will be a powerful resource we can leverage.
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  15. Nice. I think there is definitely a gap in the market for this. As @Brian Jackson pointed out in another thread, Technorati no longer operates (in its previous form). I think there is room for a good blog directory type website that helps people find good content.
  16. May i ask how long are you planning on being in Beta for? And for you to keep running, obviously you would need income, so without prying too much, what are you planning to do to keep the service running? Because i am always dubious with new things, as can disappear in minutes, or hours, or next week.
  17. Thats a great question George. Honestly we dont know yet when exactly we will leave beta but I can tell you that we have a policy that anyone who joins the service during the better will get Feedio Premium for free for life. The reason we want to do this is so we get get initial tracking and enough feedback before we launch. I believe that we can allow ourselves to do this because the market is very large and we can still grow a very large business even if we give our premium service away for free to our first few thousand users.
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  18. A very exciting update to Feedio is coming in the next few days and I wanted to take the time to update this thread and share the news.

    By Tuesday we are planning on launching version 1 of our user dashboard. Below is a early screenshot of the dashboard.


    In version 1 of the dashboard users will see stats on:
    • Total number of sites connected to Feedio
    • Total number of articles from the user that is in our system
    • Total number of feed subscribers (organized by email vs. rss reader)
    • Breakdown of subscribers via rss reader by actual service
    In addition to these stats users will also be able to update their user and profile settings, submit feature requests, and add more sites they write for to Feedio.

    Would love your thoughts on the user dashboard, especially if there are things you think we should include.

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  19. The dashboard looks great Justin! One thing I wanted to mention was the design of the button on the RSS page. I think they look very dated and old fashion. I don't even want to send people to it with these buttons :(

    Maybe go with something more flat and boxy? Whoever designed your dashboard, have them do the buttons lol :)

  20. Thanks for the feedback Brian. You're not the only one to complain about the look of the new buttons and I'm in the process of updating them to be more modern looking.

    I'm glad you think the dashboard looks great and you are already in my list of users who will get early access to it.

    I also wanted to mention that we are now building a really neat capability within Feedio called Reach. We will be able to show the reach of every single article published by a user which we successfully add to our system. Reach is essentially the number of unique potential readers of your article through RSS and email. We feel this feature will help bloggers understand how many people they are touching with each of their articles. The reach metric will also be a way for bloggers to monitor their influence and growth as an online influencer. We are busy building the necessary components in our back-end and hope to have this new feature done within 2 weeks.
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