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Find Responsive Free Wordpress Theme

Discussion in 'WordPress Themes' started by Nicholas Martin, Jan 29, 2016.

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  1. Hello,

    I need to find and install a free responsive WordPress theme in my website. How to know a WordPress theme is responsive or not.

    Need immediate help, anybody please?
  2. There is actually a great new project, http://theskin.io/. I will be publishing a review this weekend with speed tests, etc... but looks like a great new theme! And yes, it is responsive and seems pretty lightweight, although will know more after diving into it.
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    Use a smartphone or tablet, or one of the websites recommended in my post above, to test your website. If mobile devices are displaying the exact same design/structure as the desktop version, then it is not responsive (Note: I realise it is technically possible to use a mobile design that is used on desktops too, but it is extremely rare).
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  4. @Nicholas Martin: It appears you were looking at an old post about an outdated version of the MH Magazine lite theme. The current version is fully responsive - you can check the live demo on your mobile device or on sites like Responsinator, as already mentioned by Kevin.
  5. There are so many tools by which you can check your WP Theme Responsiveness
    1. mattkersley
    2. Responsinator
    3. StudioPress
    4. Dimensionsapp
  6. You check your site various device like mobile,desktop,tablet etc. Alternatively, you use responsiveness checker tools.
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