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For freelancing, do I need a separate website or is a page okay?

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Heather, Aug 9, 2014.

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  1. So, my goal is to start making money sooner than later through freelance writing/blogging. Do you think a page that's part of my Mama Organized blog would be okay, or do I need to set up a completely different website?

    I am actually getting interested in trying Wordpress again since my current website's platform is based on Wordpress, and it might not be that hard, but for the moment my preference is to start with a page on my current website for simplicity and the sake of time.

    What do you think? Is it okay to make it a page on my current website, which is not about writing? Or should I go ahead and make a very simple website for my freelance writing?

    Thank you for any thoughts!
  2. I would try and keep your mama blog focused on parenting related topics. Your target audience are unlikely to be interested in blogging or making money through freelancing, therefore I recommend starting a new blog for anything that is related to your main topic.

    I have seen too many blogs lose their way by going off topic. The odd personal post is fine, but the rest of your posts on your mama blog should stay on topic.

    Imagine this happening on other blogs. Consider a:

    • Technology blog that occasionally shared basketball news
    • Cooking blog that occasionally published articles on space exploration
    • Gambling blog that also covered boating
    You will alienate a lot of your audience by going off topic so much. So I'd stay on topic.

    Also, I'd stay away from starting a second blog until you have made your Mama blog successful. You don't want to divert your attention between two or more projects until your first blog is a success. If not, you run the risk of juggling two blogs and seeing them both fail.

  3. Thanks, Kevin.

    I agree that it would be a bad idea to go off topic and blog about writing on my Mama blog... I was just thinking of having a page about my freelance writing, but you're right, it wouldn't make sense there.

    Thanks also for the advice about sticking to one thing, my blog. I was thinking that I need money now, so freelancing would be a good way to make money sooner rather than later. But for one thing, you're very right about focusing on my blog. I feel like these days I'm trying to learn to actually focus on one thing, even though I have a ton of ideas. And two, I really do need to practice writing and get better and faster, and so working on my blog will help me move forward with the freelancing by preparing for it.

    You also made me think when you said, "until your first blog is a success." That really struck a chord. I'm not exactly sure what success means to me, with this blog. That is worth thinking more about so I can have a clearer idea of what exactly my goals are.

    My first thoughts are making a profit and having a big list of subscribers (of course combined with having tons of wonderful, helpful content and having it all work how I want to, me doing a good job with it, etc.) I have ideas of how I will make a profit, but I probably need to fine tune that. Part of it is sales of ebooks/ecourses, so it makes sense to focus on this project so I will have time to do this writing.

    Also, I was planning to do mama coach training myself and add coaching as a service once I have a sizable list... so that might be another part of success for me, having coaching clients. But I won't be able to do the training until the spring at least, for money and time reasons, and the fact that it doesn't make sense to do it now since I don't have a list of people to market my services to.

    I think that's very good advice to focus on one thing, and focus on making it profitable as soon as I can.
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  4. That advice comes from experience. I have made the mistake of splitting my time between too many projects in the past and it has resulted in all my projects falling behind.

    Here's what I would do in your situation:

    • Continue to focus all of your energy on your mama blog
    • Register a domain name for your freelancing site e.g. your full name or a short brandable name
    • Upload a CV to your freelancing domain name that promotes your services and informs people about what you do
    • Link to that domain/website from your mama blog in your about page and services page
    • Later, when you have time, you can develop the freelancing website and expand it from being a basic CV/Portfolio website to one that publishes blog posts about blogging and freelancing
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  5. Yes, I'd do what Kevin suggests.

    Add a services link on your Mama Blog which links to your freelance portfolio site. To avoid wasting time, just keep the freelance writing site brief and down to one or two pages so you can focus on your main blog.

    Good luck!
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  6. Thanks, Kevin and Joe! Great advice! I appreciate the details, too.
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  7. Kevin is right. I go with him!
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