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Free Facebook Chatbot For Wordpress Blogs

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by ankesh kumar, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Hi Anesh.

    I understand that the plugin will create content from blog posts.

    What I don't understand is the Facebook side of things. Does the plugin target existing subscribers of your Facebook page?

    Wouldn't this come across as spammy? I know that I would be unhappy if Facebook pages started sending private messages to me via messenger. I'd unsubscribe right away.

    How does it all work?
  2. Subscribers opt-in to receive blog posts in their FB Messenger account, as they would via email or RSS. So it's just another channel that they can also opt out of. Many people are overwhelmed with the inbox or in the case of Millennials it's their prefered channel. So if a user has opted in it's not spammy.

    On the blog posting we have an option for the reader to choose to receive the postings in their FB Messenger account. That's how they would opt in.

    As per FB TOS, we only send one message every 24 hours, so if you have 5 posts in that period it's aggregated and delivered as one.

    CNN, TC etc offer this and have seen positive uptake. What we've built requires no Chatbot creation we do that on the fly as well as postings, which is ideal for smaller sites.

    Bottom-line we feel it's ideal to have your content available on as many channels as possible so your audience can chose to be updated in whatever channel they prefer.
  3. Thanks for explaining how it works.

    It's not something I see myself using, but I appreciate there is a big market for this kind of thing.

    Best of luck with it :)
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