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Free Unpopular Website Builder

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by tomasito, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. Hello. I meet more and more people who choose unpopular website builders. There are many new ones and they have great range of various functions to offer. I tried Site.pro and made my personal website easy, quickly and for FREE. What other builders do You prefer?
  2. Thanks tomasito, but wrong place to promote a SAAS thingy with limited pages :) This is a WordPress based forum. Sorry, wrong software.
  3. This isn't a forum that is just for WordPress Leo. It is for anyone who works online. It doesn't matter if it's WordPress, Joomla, or whatever.

    That being said, this post just looks like spam :)
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  4. Lol! Okies :)
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  5. Sitepro is a very good website builder. I’m not a big fan of website builders, but it happened to me to use Sitepro for a few of my works and I stayed very satisfied with the service. Really easy and comfortable to use, no special skills needed. Moreover, for the period that I have used it, there was no problems ever. So I really suggest you to try it out, I think you will be satisfied, too :)
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