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Freelancing/starting Up An Asset In Asia

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Leo Koo, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys, I missed this topic 'How would you quickly make an extra $1,000?', so I thought I would give you guys a heads up on freelancing or starting up an asset in Asia.

    As mentioned previously, being in Chiang Mai has the advantages of being cheaper. You can prolly start an asset (like your own affiliate marketing blog) in Malaysia depending on your needs. Here's some thoughts

    If high speed internet is all you need, together with stuff like some nice malls and the obligatory Tesco (or their competitors, Giant), most towns on the West Coast of Malaysia are relatively affordable. I'll list down the average prices of Kuala Lumpur and say, Taiping/Alor Setar, and you can see how much you can save :)

    Master Bed Room
    KL - USD 150 - 800 - it really depends on the area and facility. Bangsar and Hartamas are expensive, but other areas are near the LRT stations and pretty good too
    Taiping/Alor Setar - USD 150 - 200

    KL - USD 300 - 10000 (5000 onwards are for places like a bungalow in Bangsar. Most condos in good areas with great train stations are going for USD 400 only)
    Taiping/Alor Setar - USD 200 can get you a good terrace house near the mall in a very nice location

    High Speed Broadband
    Unifi - USD 45/month

    Second hand car
    5 year old Honda - USD 10k
    10 year old Hyundai - USD 2k

    Petrol Costs
    50 cents per litre of petrol

    If you and your wife don't cook, an average meal outside is about RM 10/person. Converts to USD 2.50/meal. Of course there's really expensive ones, but you can do well with USD 7.50/day for each person.

    Postpaid Handphone Plans
    Unlimited talk time and 10GB of 4G data at only USD 20/month

    As such, you might wanna consider KL or the cheaper towns to ease yourself out from freelancing and perhaps build an asset of your own?

    @Kevin Muldoon @Joe F @Heather

    :) I'm in KL and if you plan to come down, do message me.
  2. Thanks for the information Leo. I am sure many freelancers and internet marketers will find this useful. What sort of connection speeds do you get with your high speed broadband?
  3. I'm on 20MBPS, but you can pay more or have a different provider. We can get 100MBPS for an affordable price of about USD 50-70/mo, uncapped
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  4. Penang would be a great place to live in and work online. The food there is amazing!
  5. Yep. Are you back in UK yet? Or you can consider shifting to Penang for 2 years, while building your asset (as in your WordPress site). It would be tough, but compared to UK, you'll have a much longer runway!
  6. I'll show you around in Penang like a local for starter!!!
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