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From $500 To $35,000 In Cryptocurrency ~ My True Story!

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by enstine, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. I have invested in quite a number of Cryptocurrencies but in today's post, I'm going to pick out one of these and share my story with you, hoping it adds some influence to the decision you take with regards to the new industry of Cryptocurrency.

    My first step into what I consider a profitable industry was on July the 12th, 2016. That was the exact date I signed up to my first ever coin opportunity. About 10 days later, I invested my first FIAT currency into Cryptos. The exact amount was 275€. A year after, that grew to over 58,000€ and that was quite a thrilling investment. This is not what I want to talk about in this post. Let's go to something else.

    BitQuence to Ethos

    In July 2017, I got some more FIAT currency into Cryptocurrency. I had read a bit about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and found it an exciting way to make some quick money with cryptos. While this is true, it's also very risky.

    Not knowing where I was going with certitude, I invested in over 5 ICOs including what was known then as BitQuence (Now renamed to Ethos)

    After reading the project and getting fueled by it, I decided to put in 2 Ether. that was valued around $500. I can't give the exact amount but from CoinMarketCap's historical data, the real figure wasn't really far from $500.


    From this screenshot, Ethereum price was $250 on the 9th of July 2017. So I invested 2 coins in 2 different transactions of 1 coin each. see the image below:


    Now this was an exciting investment that generated up to 5000 BQX tokens per 1 ETH. Naturally, the 2 ETH I invested bought for me 10000 BQX tokens.

    At the moment of writing, the 10,000 BQX tokens are valued at over $35,000. See screenshot below:


    That's about 70 times more than my investment right?

    Down from $120,000

    Earlier this year, BQX tokens witnessed an all time height of over $12. Considering the 10k tokens, that stood at over $120k. Table below.


    Is this the end?

    ETHOS (Formerly BQX) is a utility token. That simply means you will need the coins to access services on its platform. Personally, I think this will go up to over $100 a piece in the next 2 years. That's because the industry will find the platform quite useful, being a universal wallet.

    There are over 1500 coins and utility tokens today. The power of the foundation technology (Blockchain) and its wide range of opportunities and possibilities are just pointing to a more profitable and strong industry.

    I don't know what you think about it in general terms but I'm of the opinion that it's a giant opportunity. So drop a comment let me know your opinion.
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  2. I've been very reluctant to get involved with any ICOs at this point. For every one that does well, there are 99 that do nothing. Many have been proven to be pump and dump schemes.

    Not saying to anyone not to invest in it, but I just don't have the stomach for it. I'd rather mine new coins that could go up or invest in coins that have already proven themselves.

    It's all about risk vs reward though. A good portfolio will have many safe bets and many speculatitive bets.
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  3. Hey @Kevin Muldoon, Yes ICOs are highly risky. It all goes round do proper research and investing in solid projects backed by real team that is able to push it up. People dump if they don't fine reason to hold the tokens. ETHOS has been very successful being a universal wallet and fiat gateway.

    ICO profit too is in long term. Getting involved means one must be ready to hodl and wait for project to go operational.

    I totally agree with mining and Genesis Mining platform has been getting my attention recently. Are you into Pool mining?
  4. No I don't use Genesis Mining (I've not heard good reviews of it).

    I run my own mining rigs. I have mined a number of different coins since I started doing it.

    There are some ICOs that do well, but at the moment all the ones I'm seeing launched look very suspicious so I've stayed clear.
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  5. I have strange problem. When I do any kind of trading, I cant sleep at night :whistle::whistle:o_Oo_O

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