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From Http To Https - The Challenges: Seo, Lost Social Share Counts, Etc

Discussion in 'Blogging & Content Marketing' started by enstine, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. I recently moved my blog from HTTP to HTTPS. That means I added the SSL certificate to my domain and all started well.

    My first challenge was do a 301 redirect, which was done with the help of my new host. They had a plugin installed which does the redirects. I can see it's working because some of my old articles are now indexed on the new HTTPS protocol.

    The second challenge?

    I lost all social share counts.

    All my Facebook share counts, Google+, Tweets went down to ZERO


    I only noticed LinkedIn count stood firm. I think their API functions differently.

    Well, the reason behind this lost is simply that Social Media APIs match the counts against a specific site location or url and once the S is added to the initial HTTP, it completely changes the location.

    Recovery lost social media share counts

    I found out the only way to recovery my counts was to change the social share plugin. I tested and found out a plugin know as Social Warefare does the job. It fetches counts from both locations (HTTP and HTTPS) and sums them up on the buttons


    This will also work if you change domain name or link structure.
    You may want to check out details how I did that on this blog post

    If you have any other method to recover lost social share counts without the use of a plugin, please share with us.

    Thanks you
  2. I've read your detailed article on "enstinemuki". Nicely covered. (y)
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